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  1. Hey everybody I recently transferred my old system into a new case for my cousin to use. Speccs: Gigabyte x48-ds4 Intel Core 2 Quad Q8450 4 dimms for 8gigs of DDR2 200gb Seagate HDD MSI 560ti Twin frozr Rasurbo Rush Power This system is obviously quite old. But it worked fine for me until I put everything in a Fractal Design Define R5 Now, since I've put it into the new case, I have no video output. It is not due to the graphics card though. I put the card into my system and it worked just fine and when I put my Zotac 770 Amp into the system, I had now video out either. I also tried putting the 560ti into another PCIe slot to test if that was the problem. Next thing I looked for was the mobo troubleshooting options. It is supposed to have beeps to indicate errors, but I dont have the little speaker thingy for the mobo. I also have had the system running for a good while to see if it would crash, but it's all good. Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix this issue.
  2. Considering the "fun" he has with it, Linus should do a review of some bluetooth on-ear lifestyle headphones while running. Should be fun
  3. Absolutely. Before upgrading I wanted to get the NH-D15 on my Socket 775 board, that's why I knew, that Noctua sends out old and obsolete mounting hardware
  4. There is another reason why one should go for the NH-D15 Mounting. the Core i7 980 sits on a 1366 socket And as long as you prove to noctua that you have both the motherboard and the cooler, they will send you free mounting hardware.
  5. Yes, the second fan CAN be in the way of the memory modules, but usually there is enough case clearence to mount it either above it or on the other side of the heatsink
  6. Hey guys. I have my old rig lying around and I want to sell the parts as a unit. Problem is, that I have no idea what to charge for them. Partlist: - Intel Core2Quad Q9450 - Gigabyte x48-ds4 - 8GB Mushkin DDR2-800 - MSI Twin frozr 560TI - Scythe Kama Cross - LG Power 550W I am not expecting any major influx of cash, just a rough estimate, where this sits performance wise compared to current parts and how much I can expect to charge.
  7. Don't they basically have to pressure them to change the name? This is probalby the same kind of situation they were in when they were forced to sue Mojang because of Scrolls. It's because, if they don't, they will have problems defending their intellectual property against less nice people. They issue lies with IP legislation. They just have to react to it.
  8. I was is your position and opted for the 850W model, simply due to the fact, that I want the fan spinning as little as possible. You won't max out either PSU, so this quality of life improvement and the idea of going a bit overkill with some of my parts, made me take the 850W Very personal choise though.
  9. That is actually a good idea. Especially keeping with the "future proof" concept. Yeah, the quiet part is an issue. The Define r5 is probalby really good, I'm just not sure it justifies the further increase in budget compared to the R4 The P100 looks really interesting The cheap case with better fans, I haven't thought about that. Thanks already for the input.
  10. I am currently looking for a new case to house my old components. My am giving my old PC to my Cousin. It's a Core2 Quad Q9450 on a Gigabyte X48-ds4 with a Scythe Kama Cross Cooler and 560Ti. So, nothing really powerful, but enough for his needs. Unfortunately, I still need my case for my own PC, so I need to get a new case. Now, a decent case can last you through a couple of builds, so I am looking for one that meets the following criteria: - simple styling, nothing über fancy with lights everywhere. More the direction of the Bitfenix Shinobi, Fractal Design Core Series - front USB 2.0 The motherboard does not support USB 3.0, but some front panel USB is always helpful, so at least one USB 2.0 port would be nice (USB 3.0 for "futureproofness" needed as well - relatively silent This will primarily be a work and web browsing computer, so the case itself and the included fans should be reasonably silent. Those actually are the only prerquisites that I have. I'd love to have some input, because all I can do is look at specc sheets and maybe watch some videos.
  11. Then I'd go for the Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-X(storelink) After further research comparing the two cards, the MSI seems to win hands down in basically every competition between those cards. Go fo the MSI R9 290X Lightning.
  12. And now I feel like a doofus. Sorry and disregard anything I said.
  13. I know. Should've taken the picture after removing the sound card. The fan of the lower GPU hit the soundcard, so we had to ziptie the cards together, which obviously wasn't that great for the top GPU. What I didn't take into account was, that since the sound cad takes up a PCIe lane, the CPU only supports upto 16 lanes and SLI needs both GPUs to run at at least PCIe8x, sound card made the GPUs run at 8x and 4x respectively. Now it lookes cleaner and it's better for the GPUs.
  14. I watch mkv videos on my Android tablet and I'm not sure which video player I use for mkv, but there is definitely a VLC player that should be able to play mkv on android.
  15. With your "budget" I wouldn't opt for a metal/platic case. Look towards manufacturers using more premium finishes like caselabs, the higher end Silverstone cases (TJ11 anyone?) or Lian-Li I personally love the Lian-Li PC B16 You'll be able to reduce drive sled clutter to a minimum, get a premium finish, okay cable management and great looks.
  16. While there is no denying the basic quality, 200$ for a PSU does seem overkill, doesn't it. 650W should be plenty, since the roughly estimated power draw under load will be ~500W. Go with 750W if you want some headroom.
  17. I researched the G3258 as an entry CPU for gaming recently and it does seem to make sense. Get one of the Z97 Boards featured in LTT's Back for the Buck MoBo series, the G3258 and the highest end GPU you can fit into your budget. Even with a GPU around the 200$ mark you will be able to play all your games (exept overmodding Skyrim). As you can see, very playble framerates. Also, you will be able to upgrade to a broadwell i5 to greatly enhance your processing power without having to switch plattforms. I think this is a great combo and you will be very happy with it.
  18. What are the features you are looking for? How many internal Sata drives are you using/want to use? How many USB port do you need? You seem to want to overclock, use a single graphics card, 2 SATA drives. Maybe take a look at the motherboards LTT featured in their bang for the buck video series.
  19. Source - German Most important part of the article is the graphic I losely translated the article Following the 970M and 980M , Nvidia will release the GTX 960M, GTX 950M and GT 940M soon. The GTX models will both use 640 Shader units, 2GB VRAM and a 128 memory interface. This is similiar to the existing GTX 860M and GTX 850M, so any performance increase will come from the new Maxwell architecture. The GT 940M will have 384 Shader units and 4GB of VRAM on a 62bit interface. This unit also shares a lot of similarities with its predecessor. On of the first norebooks to use these GPUs will be the ASUS ROG G551JW featuring the GTX 960M
  20. I'm not sure I'd go with either. Both will be great cards and you won't really regret your purchasing decision. So any "which one is better" will come down to factors beside performance. Pro STRIX: + 0dB negative STRIX - coil whine Pro G1 + Better VRAM solution Negative G1 - Fans always spinning I really do like the 0dB feature. I spend so much time in front of my computer, that with my next GPU I might look for one with that feature, because it really is one of those small quality of life features. On the other hand, ASUS has kind of a bad rep when it comes to RMA here in Germany. Gigabyte is way ahead in that regard. So what I'd be looking for is a manufacturer that provides the features I want with the level of service I expect. => EVGA Personally I'd go with the EVGA route. Obviously, that is with a lot of personal bias as I've just explained. But maybe, just ask the service department of your local hardware store, which manufacturer is the best to work with.
  21. My motherboard has a similiar layout in terms of PCIe. The top PCIex1 slot will be blocked, but you can use the PCIex16 slot without any issues This is how it will look
  22. I am pretty sure you could still contact them to get some replacement stand-offs. Either way, it probably doesn't make much of a difference.
  23. I think one could actually include the Noctua NH-D14. Since the D15 came out, the old one has dropped in price, while still performing extremely well with two very high quality fans included. Yes, 75$ is not cheap, but we are talking bang for the buck and this puppy will be able to take on >100$ 280mm AiOs
  24. Like @Shaqo_Wyn said. That's pretty much the reality of it. Unless you have some other way to get cool air to the GPU, move the CPU Cooler. Air preassure wise: have the filtered bottom and front fans as intake and the 2 top (on the rad, no need for push/pull) and back one as exhaust.
  25. I'll look into that when I get the quote from the vendor. I always use a single local hardware store, because I know and trust them. Yeah, figured as much .One's giving up pretty much any hope of upgradability going with AMD at this point Yeah, sorry, that build is exceptionally more powerful, but completly misses the point. Prices won't be like this in Germany, and even if, it is way over budget. Upgradability goes out the window with that chipset. What I did get from those suggestions is, that I might want to look at the 290. BUT Prices for the 290 are higher, here in Germany. About 40€ between the r9 285 I looked at and the cheapest 290. >60€ if I want Sapphire.