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  • CPU
    i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    maximus vii hero
  • RAM
    16gb 1833
  • GPU
    980ti windforce
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    760t black
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    samsung 840 1tb
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    ROG swift
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    k-70 red/black
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    win7 64
  1. I too saw this folder on my C drive and began investigating. didnt find much online but I did find this forum. These are the steps I took; used my USB drive on my 2nd PC running windows 7 64bit (same as my main rig) and on my 3rd pc running win8.1 gvtemp folder has not shown up on either of those pc's THEN I nuked the USB and both drives on my main rig (ssd and storage Hdd) I installed fresh win7 64bit I installed drivers and hardware utilities.... gvtemp shows up again. I then scan both pc drives and the USB with Norton360, kapersky, and malwarebites, all 3 found nothing I then clicked pretty much every google result for gvtemp folder for the first 3 pages of google and found a forum in chinese or something where someone posted that this folder is created by gigabyte OC guru ii utility. Well I just so happen to have installed that for my 980ti windforce. ps) the trojans associated with the gv name are discribed as doing things like editing your host file with like 200 extra lines to block or misdirect web traffic or something, my host file is unedited and only has like 20 lines in it. Other malware associated with the gv name were discribed as a "shortcut virus" and my usb was not showing any shortcuts.
  2. Dang looks like he went all out on his set up.... Wait 760s?!??
  3. Oh, well I have friends with 3ds's so maybe my PoV is just different than yours.
  4. Smash bros and Mario kart for online multiplayer arcade replay ability since you already getting single player RPG/semi puzzler Zelda OOT and Pokemon. Link between works is cool but you really want that much single player Zelda as your first games?
  5. Every 3 or 4 months I unplug and disassembled and use canned air
  6. Ever seen the movie wall-e?
  7. One time I bought RPG maker vx ace cause I thought I was a genius. I ended up googling scripts and copy pasting.
  8. I been away from my PC for thanksgiving. 3ds has saved my life. Pokemon ruby, smash bros mainly but also hit up some old school gargoyle quest 2 and super c
  9. I always disable depth of field effects and motion blur. Then AA
  10. Omg I only watched the "George Lucas" edition of the trailer and thought the light saber was a joke. My excitement is about 2/10 for the new star wars.