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  1. Yep, I agree as the CPU is now outdated. Just a few months remaining for my college to finish, once I get a job, I will buy what's best. Anyways, I didn't think about an SSD upgrade, I have a DVR RW maybe I can remove that and install an SSD. Thanks for your input, I will consider this before my purchase. Just a few tabs on any browser takes the usage as high as 3GB+ which means remaining RAM drops down to 900MB's or so and sometimes even lower. Noted. Thanks for your input.
  2. Sorry, somehow the topic got posted incomplete. Post has been updated. Yes, for general usage, surfing and coding.
  3. My Laptop Specs :- CPU - 2.3GHz AMD A10-9600P processor RAM - 4GB DDR4 RAM HDD - 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive GPU - AMD Radeon R7 M440 2GB Graphics OS - Windows 10 Pro I was planning on upgrading my RAM to a total of 8GB. YouTube and many other similar "heavy" websites lags a lot in Edge, Chrome and Firefox as well. Will my CPU create a bottleneck for my upgrade? Apart from this, I usually run Jupyter notebooks and PyCharm for coding. Also I don't play heavy games, I just want to get rid of the slowness while browsing. Thanks
  4. I changed the refresh rate. And updated my drivers to the latest one available on the Intel website. The problem still persists.
  5. Sadly No. I don't have another monitor. This also happened yesterday on Windows 7 before my upgrade to Windows 10. Can changing refresh rate p/i solve this?
  6. Yes I think. The default windows 10 setting of 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
  7. Hello, Whenever I keep my screen idle for more than 2 minutes my display gets corrupted. No BSOD or anything but I have to press the rest button on my PC. Here is the image... I need to keep my mouse moving around to avoid this issue. [Image attached below] Any advice?
  8. So in the last two years I was very excited and watched every LTT video about PC building. So I was on a mission to build the best PC I can make. These are my specs:- CPU-i7 4790K @stock with stock cooler Mobo-Gigabyte Z97 D3H RAM-G.Skill RipJawsX 4GBX2 Dual Channel @1600Mhz PSU-Seasonic SII2 620 Bronze 80+ HDD-2TB Seagate Barracuda CF-3 X CM SickleFlow X(Blue) + 1 Stock Intake Monitor-Acer GR235H GPU,SSD to buy soon. My main intention was gaming,programming and video editing. Sadly, I ran out of money(my dad ) before I could buy the GPU and SSD and they both remained '
  9. Since this morning I've been facing random multiple BSOD's on my Windows 8.1 system. 4x IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS(mk32.sys,igsomethingx64[something to do with intel graphics],tcpip.sys etc) SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER KERNEL_SECURITY..Something Another one with Kernel Power and 2 more which I can't even remember. I did some googling obviously and cleaned up the registry, ran Memtest, chkdsk and sfc. Cleaned up all the junk files and uninstalled + re-installed all the drivers. I'm running now in safe mode so that I can type thi
  10. I don't have any video card, using the integrated intel graphics. Then too I'll try changing the cable or gonna ring the customer care tomorrow.
  11. Acer S230HL LED Backlit LCD. It's not very latest but I purchased it just 6-8 months ago.
  12. I just switched on my PC and this pink/magenta lines appeared on the right edge of my monitor. Anybody have any idea what's happening?