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  1. This thread is a perfect example as to why the LTT forum usersbase is made up majoritivly of the worst part of the 'tech enthusiast' group. Absolutely embarrassing.
  2. I have enough experience with Android phones to know how well 'premium' Android experiences stack up compared to that of an iPhone. The phones themselves from a hardware standpoint only make up like 20% of the problem, the real issue is the software side.
  3. Not entirely sure why this is a big deal. Clearly there's a large enough market that is/was owned by 3rd party accessory makers and Apple decided to make their own version to capitalise on it. Sure it's overpriced, but would you really expect otherwise? It's not really worth complaining about any more. As has been shown in ShadowCaptain's comment, the current iPhones are competitive on battery life. Ooooor not everyone wants an Android phone because they mostly suck and ecosystem is fundamentally flawed. - Oneplus One -> iPhone 6s user
  4. Eh, I'll keep using Safari until I can use content blocking extensions on other browsers.
  5. That is a ridiculously broad statement. The iPad Pro is the most capable tablet that Apple has produced thus far, and lots of businesses use them for all sorts of tasks.
  6. If it is truly pointless like you claim, why would so many people be buying it? You're contradicting yourself.
  7. Literally the most mundane and irrelevant part of the 'Mac vs PC' discussion. People need to stop focusing on this. It's obvious what is meant by the terms.
  8. AFAIK the detachable keyboard design was used on Android tablets before Windows tablets.
  9. Nope. It's like Toyota making a car that has the same specs as a Porsche for cheaper but it has a high component failure rate while offering little to no support in any way (hardware AND software), while at the same time having one of the worst marketing strategies imaginable. One of their attempts at fixing the screen grounding issue was analogous to tell customers with their fake Porsche to put water in their petrol cars saying it'd fix it but it breaks it even more. Shit company, They skimp on the parts that make a good company, it doesn't matter if you know what you're getting into. Providing a cheap product with shit support does not make up for it, and it doesn't matter it they're small. Carl Pei is an idiot, the company is a joke.
  10. Clearly our definitions of certain things are different, but guess what? Doing terribly on CRM, QA and software is still REALLY bad. I'm guessing you don't own a Oneplus device, else my point on software would be pretty self explanatory. They're able to sell phones with good specs because they cut literally EVERY corner to get there. If they didn't that gap between BoM cost and retail price would be more than filled by putting money into being a respectable company. The invite system was poor and the queuing for the OP2 was badly messed with by OP themselves. I got an invite a couple of days after the OP2 announcement without signing up for anything and deleted it straight away. I'm never dealing with that company again. The Oneplus X looks great, but I still wouldn't buy it if I was looking at buying a phone right now, even if I was trying to be budget conscience.
  11. Low price point Chrome OS laptops do what they are intended for very well, equivalent price point Windows laptops do what they are intended for poorly. Google is killing off Chrome OS because what it is intended for is not what enough people want, it doesn't mean that it does it badly.
  12. They're a shit company regardless of their terrible marketing strategies. As a Oneplus One owner, here's their report card: Customer service/warranty scheme - F Build quality - F QA - F Software support - F CRM - F Invite system handling - F Spec:price - A Guess where that A on spec:price comes from? Getting an F on everything else. They suck.
  13. It's q4 2015. When Doom came out in 1993 8mb of system RAM was the recommended amount, 16mb was the most you could get for consumer computers. Big surprise, system requirements increase as time goes on.
  14. You realise that Windows powered systems of the same price point as Chromebooks are the equivalent of the cheap Android phones that you deplore so constantly in uselessness because they can't run a desktop OS at a satisfactory level? They're equally if not more useless than Chromebooks because they don't actually have the power to substantiate a fully fledged OS. Chrome do what they're intended to do extremely well, Cheap Windows laptop don't Apple is more intelligent than this.