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    Motorsports, Mountain Biking, Soccer.


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    msi z77a-g45
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    Kingston Hyperx blu 8GB
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    Sapphire Radeon HD7970 Dual-x
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    Fractal Define R4
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    Qnix QX2710 korean 2560x1440
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    Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
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    Roccat Kone+
  1. That thing would be Amazing for my Lan Tournament Streams. Especially for our at home Lans.
  2. Oh come on, open your eyes The complete Power Delivery is different, the Matrix has way more phases. The Matrix PCB is also waaaay wider, just look at the space between the RAM chips and the end of the pcb. Its not even close
  3. You are absolutely fine, there is nothing going to happen to you. Even if you took a breath of those tiny amounts of fibreglass its not going to harm you, as others said already, fibreglass is used in house insolations, in huge amounts, especially under the roof. People that have worked with that stuff know how itchy you feel all over your body after installing it, and you breath in quite a bit of that stuff if you dont use a mask, and many people forget to do just that. So, again, you are absolutely fine, nothing will happen after inhaling such a tiny amount. Just make sure to use your ppe in the future.
  4. I have to second that, the TurboDuo is cheaper but the PCS+ costs pretty much the same, at least here in Germany.
  5. Value wise the Sapphire Tri-X and the Powercolos PCS+ pretty much are head on, the differences are marginal. I prefer the looks and the metal shroud of the Powercolor, but if you prefer the Sapphire looks and don't have a problem with a Plastic Shroud, feel free to pick that card.
  6. God, it's so annoying reading all those "Gosh, it's going to burn down your house" and "Better open up an extra Power Plant for that card" posts, you guys rode those jokes into the ground so hard, let em go, they want to rest. I´m optimistic that this Cooling Solution will be able to cool that card, Water Cooling is not the be all and end all, there are still Tower Cpu Coolers that can compete against AIO's.
  7. No, it would not, nobody said: A legit comparison would be a 290x vs a 780 on the same clockspeeds and so on. This time AMD delivered the by far superior cooling solution. GG AMD
  8. DirectX 12 here ? You seen any of DirectX 12 already ? Then bless us with your insight, otherwise, move along.
  9. Our Discussions here are completely meaningless anyway, this car came into existence and made every other Street Car completely obsolete <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb8tGX-HPQE
  10. I would love to see how many Kilometers that Raptor is going to hold while jumping up and down.....
  11. Still just fast in a straight line cars, no true High-Performance cars, who the fuck wants a 800+hp truck. The Venom GT probably won't even beat a Nissan GT-R on the Nordschleife(Nürburgring). And what's even more cheap than a "kit-car" ? Yeah, incomplete tuner cars.
  12. before that came a "but anyways", as to cut off the engine Talk and get back to the Topic of fast in a straight line cars.