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  1. liquidinsect

    Please help with AMD SenseMI

    New Ryzen 7 build. Please help me make sense of what is going on with my system using SenseMI. What I have: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X G.Skill FlareX DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 8GBx2 CL14-14-14-34 1.35v Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming Sapphire Radeon Vega 64 Samsung 500GB 860 EVO SSD Seagate 4TB SSHD (ST4000DX001) Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 800W Fractal Design Define R5 Blackout Asus VS247H-P Logitech G502 Logitech G910 HyperX Cloud II What I would like to do: I wish to have two partitions on the 4TB drive with the second half of it as a second drive letter (D:) for putting files on as a kind of backup without being part of the OS drive. I want to have the full capacity of the 500GB SSD for use with the OS and general use along with the first half of the 4TB SSHD for those applications and games that are huge. (C: 2.5TB SenseMI; D: 2TB - end result) I wish to have the benefits of how AMD SenseMI works - the speed of my SSD while it automatically moves data around between the SSD and SSHD depending on how often it's being used, etc. Attached are screenshots of my Disk Management and of This PC to show the drives being shown along with the mess in Disk Management. Did something go horribly wrong with my SenseMI setup? How can I achieve that I would like to do with this software and how can I fix this before going forward with adding my games, streaming software, etc.? I really wish there was a good How-To for using this software. Please help me understand all that is going on here and being shown. I'm used to using Disk Management with physical drives and drive letters, etc. *Mods: If this would be better in the Troubleshooting section, you can move it there. I was a little unsure where to ask about this.*
  2. liquidinsect

    Good deal or overpaid? (GPU)

    So a pre-owned blower cooled AMD Vega 64 card can be had for roughly $450 + shipping. Was this a good deal or overpaid? Was this a bad time to buy one or even was this a bad choice? Let me know with your comments below! (For those that will want to know more specifics - It's a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB HBM2 Limited Edition (i.e. Brushed Silver Aluminium blower shroud version) and I'm getting it for about $477 total)
  3. liquidinsect

    Need Upgrade, Go->Ryzen1700 or 2ndGen 2700

    Picture of current configuration:
  4. liquidinsect

    Need Upgrade, Go->Ryzen1700 or 2ndGen 2700

    Nothing to add? I'm still waiting to see any other defined information as to why I should go with one over the other for certain. It looks like people are mostly suggesting and using Intel at this time for various reasons.
  5. liquidinsect

    Need Upgrade, Go->Ryzen1700 or 2ndGen 2700

    Are there any updated opinions?
  6. Looking for best advice here, please. Should I buy a Ryzen 7 1700 (and overclock it), Gigabyte X370 K7 motherboard, 32GB DDR4 3200 Ballistix RAM now... or get the Ryzen 2700 (or 2700X), X470 motherboard, 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM? OR... wait for DDR5? I don't care about RGB or WIFI. Dual Ethernet would be a plus but not mandatory. I do plan to overclock the 'new' system so having stable power delivery system, proper heatsinks, and RAM support is what I'm looking for. The purpose for me upgrading the current system is for gaming, streaming, content creation, and I am an engineering student (I multitask a lot on the PC which is a must and my computer also doubles as a kind of workstation, file server, network media server, and for computer technical side job work.) Having a m.2 option on the motherboard for that kind of upgrade would be a plus to me as I might get one of those as well (would it be better to go directly to m.2 over a SATA SSD and if yes or no - which one would be best?) I currently use a partition of 2TB for my main C drive with 850GB free space. I'm planning to reuse my new PSU, new Case, GPU (for now), DVD-RW (LG, model unimportant - it's SATA), and my HDD's (Main drive is a Hybrid SSHD, all others are 7200 RPM HDD's, all are SATA based of some kind, not going to get into details here). When I game, I'm able to get playable frame rates right now while streaming (90~140 FPS @ 1080P resolution, stream is scaled down to 720P)... but I noticed that my stream looks like bad quality at 720P which is about the best I can stream at without making my in-game FPS not dive below playable rates (it's not my Internet connection speed at fault). I notice that my CPU is being used at maximum and my video card is not being used much at all which means to me that my CPU and RAM is the bottleneck for me right now and it's time to upgrade for sure. Before anyone asks, I don't want to blow my entire budget if I don't have to, I prefer to save some money as much as possible but my budget is $1,000. I would like to get additional other upgrades for my setup within time... better GPU (not sure which direction I'm going with here yet), webcam (Logitech C922x Pro), green screen, lighting (Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18" Dimmable Ring Light and Softbox photography variety), DAC interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i4), Sound Devices Mix Pre6 ,Elgato Stream Deck, mic (Rhode NT1A), monitor (34" 21:9 3440x1440 144Hz UltraWide Curved monitor with decent color accuracy for gaming/streaming/art/content creation)<-- that monitor/resolution is the goal. PC Specifications: CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Mobo: Asus Maximus II Formula RAM: 8GB G.Skill DDR2 GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Flex Storage: Several 7200 RPM SATA HDD's Power: Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 800W Case: Fractal Design Define R5 Blackout Monitor 1: Asus VS247H-P Monitor 2: Dell IN1910N Webcam: Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF Mouse: Logitech G502 Keyboard: Logitech G910 Headset: HyperX Cloud II So... what should I get?
  7. liquidinsect

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    Favorite thing about the ASUS RoG G550JK: Pros that I like and prefer in this Notebook ~ The finish, full keyboard with 10-key (very practical for school/research work), 4th-gen i7, Upgradeable to 16 GB RAM (laptop companies need to stop soldering on their RAM ~ It should be a crime to solder the RAM to a laptop of any kind!), screen size is south of 17" (max comfortable preference is a 15.6" for portability reasons), decent graphics with Optimus Technology (discrete) for the power savings, looks like a nicely engineered cooling solution with a large scale dual fan cooler integrated, the speakers on this look over-the-top for a laptop and were unexpected in this review. Cons that follow this price range or features that I would have liked to have seen include ~ Windows 8.1 and no touchscreen... really? - doesn't make much sense to me until you add a third-party start button or else IF Microsoft includes the start button on the next major SP or Windows Update, since on the Asus website they advertise "Incredible Cloud" services then why not sacrifice the larger HDD and go with a smaller SSD?, while I'm not completely up-to-date on my tech know-how as of recent - why is the max cap on Memory 16 instead of 32 GB like on the larger 17" models?, in the Asus website specifications there are three (3) Optical Drives listed including a Blue-ray Writer... why can't I find this option anywhere for order? Why list it if it's not available on this model and if I were going to include a writer at all on a laptop it would only be a Blue-ray Writer for maximum capacity and compatibility with all currently used optical disc technologies, more of a nit-pick but a "gaming" style keyboard would have been nice for this RoG Gaming Notebook such as anti-ghosting and maybe 10 simultaneous key recognition, also ~ I understand this doesn't usually happen on a gaming notebook but longer battery life when on discrete mode (again more of a nit-pic) All-in-all the best thing about this Asus RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook featured in the video? The signatures from the participants of and fact that this particular Notebook was a part of the highest altitude gaming LAN party! I would love to win and own this laptop to help me throughout the rest of my years of college ahead of me on my pursuit to becoming a (hopefully) badass Engineer! Cheers and a Toast to everyone involved in this Giveaway and I hope to win! Thank you very much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone participating!