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    I rob tourists
  1. the drivers are spanking new and i have 8 gigs ram and quad core 2.8 ghz oc to 3.1 intel i 5 . i belive it is drivers perhaps there are older drivers which work with fo4 therefore , i need anyone with expirience on this graphics card to help me get to drivers which work for fo4 also launcher does not detect the graphics card .
  2. Soo im an croatian trying to learn italian , i actualy know the basic italian phrases , but i seek to make it at least comunicatable . I played fonw a lot of times , so i want to install it with italian voice acting and english subittles , is that possible ?
  3. Soo i am an filthy casual and i just bought an new pc and i want to play bf3 but i realized that its much cooler with an team . Sooo i am looking for one , ts3-skype . i have a lot of expriience in bfbc2 and i started bf3 a week ago and im diong nice already . Location croatia .
  4. yeah but it feels odd i dunno , i am national champion in taekwondo , i think im not retarded
  5. average ms on mouse , 371 on 6 tries , i will do more
  6. and on the newest pcs , they are 60 all the time and latency is there
  7. they are 40-60 without drops in all the listed games on all pcs
  8. Soo i had 3 diffrent pcs , and 2 diffrent monitors and i played skyrim on all 3 , it feels like it has latency , i miss hits , my sprint attacks miss and my sword swings delay , now thats peachy if this did not happen with heroes and generals , and nowits happening with battelfield 3 even thou this is frist time , is there an app to test an mouse ? or is the fact that i sleep a little and work a lot a problem ? Also all my current monitor has 2 ms delay and all the pcs filled the system requirments for the games ilisted
  9. i said its too dynamic for me , i like to plan and such. dishonored involves running a fucking lot
  10. CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo Elpida Kit 2x2GB RAM 4096MB AMD XFX Radeon HD 6850 VaporChamber Spire X 420W PSU I can run gta v on high , to medium , skyrim maxed ouzt and far cry 3 too What games would you reccomend ? Far cry i played , thief does not involve murder , ac is fucked up from 3 , what i played and dishonored is too dynamic . Hitmanlike sounds good , whad do you think ?
  11. How about msi gtx 650 ? for the same price