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  1. Hi there, Does anyone know of any nice cases that will allow at least ten hard drives inside with hotswapping abilities? I want to rebuild my NAS into another case that will allow me to add and switch out hard drives easier. I'm looking to use ten 3.5 hard drives, using backplanes, and a single 2.5 solid state for the computer. I'm looking for a case that will be able to comfortably fit everything inside and not be too clunky. My current setup is an micro-atx build. I want it to take up as little room as possible without turning it into a hot box, so thermals for the case should be well considered also. My request description is pretty vague, let me know if you have any questions I can answer to help facilitate this. Thanks, OhhTee
  2. @YourFaultILost LG just updated their website with the 13" versions. One of them is an i5 and the other is an i7. Neither has thunderbolt 3 support so far.
  3. Both ends into the router? That, no I haven't. I have the cable routed already into the other room already. Hindsight on my end. I'll trim the ends and try to make it a neater and see what happens. Hopefully it's just bad wiring/crimping.
  4. Each strand is fully flush against and touching the RJ45 casing.
  5. These are the pictures I did. I went W/O, O, W/G, B, W/B, G, W/Br, Br
  6. Hi Guys, I'm running into a problem making a batch of ethernet cables. I've made a few shorter cables this morning and they're all running at 1 GBPS fine, the problem is with one that I made that is about 100 ft long. I can't seem to get the 100 ft long ethernet cable to connect to my router at 1 GBPS. It's flashing amber on my router (which means it's 10/100 mbps) while the others are white (1000 mbps). I can't imagine the 100 feet length being a problem. I've double check my pinouts and redid it multiple times just in case I goofed up. I have a AC1900 R7000 Nighthawk Netgear router by the way. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I don't have a server rack currently, but I'll probably pick one up soon just to organize all of my stuff. I'll look into the Rosewill and StarUSA stuff, I don't think I need anything crazy as long as it holds up well.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking about picking up a cheapo xeon and just rebuilding it. I could probably just repurpose the pentium/97h to become the unit for the surveillance stuff. Do you guys know of any decent cases for my high-capacity application? I'm currently browsing cases for 2U spaces right now, not really sure what I'm looking for yet haha.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my NAS and I'm not too familiar with all of the components that are out there for a NAS but there are a few things I like to consider putting inside. Currently I'm running a Pentium with an ASRock - H97M PRO4 mobo with 8GB of RAM. I would most likely upgrade my CPU to either an i5 or i7 just so I can transcode at least 3-4 1080 streams off of my Plex Server. My pentium is having some problem right now. I'm looking for a new case to put this setup in and there are a few things I would like to be able to do. I want to be able easily replace drives so the case having the ability to hotswap would be nice. I'm planning on putting my existing 6X 4TB WD Reds inside and adding possibly a few 8TB WD Reds in eventually. I would also like to add a few WD Purple in for surveillance footages. This basically means I'll have at least 12 drives inside at a minimum. Basically, I would like some guidance on hardware that will bring this together. I don't mind reusing my old parts or buying entirely new parts. My budget is pretty loose right now, I could spend anywhere from 1000 to 2000 USD on this. I'm located in Boston, MA. I'll probably use MicroCenter and Amazon most likely. Thanks, OhhTee
  10. I haven't tried anything else yet. I was gonna pick up the new g933 soon since I heard they fixed the connection issue. Should let me know if you find a good pair.
  11. Let me save you the trouble right now, do not get the G930. There's too many issues with the connection. I have one and it's a pain to get it reconnected. It was totally fine for the first like 7-8 months and after that, reconnecting the headset to the dongle was really annoying.
  12. FileBot is pretty good. It's also a file naming software too. You basically drag files in and select a database for it to grab data from like MyTVDB and it adds in title/ratings/synopsis. There's also a tab in FileBot that is dedicated to downloading subtitles. You drop it in and it searches on opensubtitles. You can either grab subs that matches the name exactly or by the show's name.
  13. Really? Mine has been fine so far, only problem I've had was the battery not lasting any where the 9 hours it approximates.
  14. Has anyone actually gotten the deal? I was curious and did a search for store pick up at like 10 different major cities and none of them were available.