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  1. Well I have a 4gb ram and I want to buy 4 more so I have 8 is anything but ferquency and latency inportant when buying?
  2. there is no reason for i7 coz Im running 60hz and I am not putting fucking sli or crossfire
  3. I need good Intel cpu i5 that can record me 60fps on battlefield 4 with out massive fps drop on 1080p
  4. well I know Minecraft is not pretty common game in this community(I guess) coz everyone is running pretty much highend pc's as me but I am fan of that kind of games too so I want to buy an VPS host and its 2GB ram I need only like 10 slots to play with my class mates. RAM:2GB Optical Fiber 1000Mb/s 13.4Ghz 200Gb Drive
  5. well there you go I have all drivers up to date and shit idk what is happening!
  6. money is not that much a problem I just want to be safe and not get overkill with PSU
  7. Well I am buying an new GPU its Gigbyte gtx 970 I need help for a power supply and I am scared for bottleneck I have 2x4gb Corsair 1600Mghz ram i5 2320 3.00 quad core
  8. I hope no bottleneck on I5 2320 3.00 quad core and GTX 970
  9. Yeah I have HD6850 but I am switching to Gigabyte 970 windforce somewere this year I know I will need to upgrate to 8gb sometime coz of bottleneck I am just asking should I buy it now? btw CPU i5 2320 3.00
  10. so I run battlefield 4 on low/medium will I have any benefit If I upgrate from 4 to 8gb ram!
  11. My Favorite Linus Video was : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT2xCfBucT4&list=UU0vBXGSyV14uvJ4hECDOl0Q That was first time I found out about that material and realy interested in future chips and technology used by that material Jays fav video was : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gseAIcb3eu0&list=UUkWQ0gDrqOCarmUKmppD7GQ Just the day when I turned on my PC I wanted to find something about cooling my PC as much as possable I just found this video on my subscriptions and used it to my knowlagde. Now I bought few fans and did his tips and I am planing to put water cooling loop on my pc as fast as possable. I am sorry for Englesh Grammar.Englesh is not my primary language
  12. Nah I will probably never go SLI/crossfire or overclocking I think its just overkill I just need something for my 60hz