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Ubisoft being high again

blog-0962209001429541060.pngUbisoft just got me again!

I installed Win8.1 recently and because of that FC4 kinda uninstalled itself but not really.

Since Uplay is the worst piece of software i've ever used in my life, i tried to relocate the FC4 folder because FC4 showed up as uninstalled.

I could indeed find the files for the game but Uplay was just like "NOPE LOL, REDOWNLOAD THAT SHIZZLE!"

There i sat, redownloading 32gb of FarCry and seeing my free HDD space going from 110gb to 80gb (which essentially means i had 2x FC on the disc but couldnt find the new version lol)

Now today i just looked at my free HDD space again. 110gb. where the fucking fuck did the copy of FC go?

Did i just download 32gb for the lulz of it?

Seems like it.

Thanks for wasting my time Ubisoft! :)

*at least i have a 120k connection so it only took 1 hour lol*


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