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Second followup to the airflow mod

Mira Yurizaki



I had two burning questions in my head:

  • What happens if the fan is pointing down?
  • Are the intake fans creating much of a difference?

The new configs are:

  • Intake at 30% with the other fans at a custom fan curve
  • Fan pointing down, not running CAM
  • Fan pointing down, running with CAM at 50% fans

So here's all the data compiled. Regarding the charts, instead of using maximum clock speed (which all of them were within 1% of each other), I used maximum temperature instead which is a far more useful statistic. I also found a better way to represent the performance cap data. Instead of showing bars and counts, the counts are normalized to 100% and all of the performance cap reasons take a chunk of this. This makes it much easier to visualize how often the GPU spent in that reason.


Spoiler alert: Running with the fan pointing down without CAM running performed the worst, even running into Thermal performance caps. However, using CAM to turn the fans on to 50% seemed to help a lot. The 30% intake fans performed very well. Which makes me wonder if this is just a problem with air circulation within the case rather than a problem of trying to push air in.


Why bother with gathering this data?

One could think that this affects just my configuration, but I think it affects any micro-ATX case with a tempered glass side panel and a PSU shroud. If anything, the results from this data gathering could be generalized for other people who want to tweak with getting the best cooling performance.














Since your Intake fans are also your RAD fans for your X(6?)2, what do they normally run at while idle with the CPU not under load?

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I'm also starting to think now that I've found a better way to measure how cooling performance affects PerfCap reasons, we could start adding that to performance metrics. ?

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