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Planning 750D watercooling.




So I have been using my Corsair 750D with just a Swiftech H320 CPU watercooler for a while now but I bought the 750D with custom watercooling in mind so I think it is time to start planning what I will be doing.

Mods: As of now, the only real mod I plan on doing is removing the 5.25" bay. Once that is gone I want to get a custom metal plate for the front and transform the entire front into a triple 120mm radiator (140mm if it fits.)

Things to buy: One, maybe two GPU blocks, CPU block, massive res, pump, still deciding whether I will do hardline or soft tubing but leaning toward hardline and 2 360 rads, and some steady hands. I probably forgot some possibly critical things but oh well.

Hopefully I will do this over Christmas Break this year (2014)



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