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The many stories of my 5 phones




So the first phone I ever got was when I was about 12, it was a Samsung Intensity, and my god was this phone awesome. It's slide out keyboard made it so I could text like a freak and the battery would easily last 2 days if I forgot to charge overnight it as I often did. To go with it was my first plan. Originally my mom was going to go with a texting based plan that came with 100 texts and 30 or so minutes but I convinced my mom to spend a few more bucks to get the unlimited texting plan. Boy was she happy when she got my first bill. Within a month I had managed to send more than 1,500 text messages. Oh yea, and I had some (at the time) cool looking skin for the phone that fell off as the months went on.

The next phone that I got was the Xperia Play. I was able to get this around 2 years after using my Intensity because of my moms Twitter popularity. Rogers contacted my mom and said that they would give my mom, my brother, and myself, any phone of our choice for free. They gave us a list of a few phones and we took our picks. My brother, being more tech savvy than me at the time chose the Samsung Galaxy S2, my mom picked some random Windows phone, and I picked the Xperia Play. I picked it because I was 13 and addicted to stupid little mobile games. We got the phones and I was immediately hooked on all the silly Sony Play games. I used the phone pretty aggressively until the day it died. I was at my step-cousins cottage and we were going from inside to the outdoor hot tub. I slipped the Play into the pocket of my swimsuit (which I was wearing basically 24/7 at that point) and walked outside. Without thinking at all, I ran into the hot tub and sat in it for a matter of about 30 seconds until I realized my mistake. I yanked it out of my pocket and ran inside to drain it out. Due to the fact that I have an Asian step family we had lots of rice on hand. We tossed the phone into a bag of rice and left it there overnight. I came back to it the next day expecting this magical trick to work but came back disappointed. It was dead.

Following my Play's death, I went back to the phone that my brother had been using from the free Rogers deal, the Galaxy S2. This phone was amazing. It was my first real android phone and It was able to survive just about anything (given that it did have an Otterbox Commuter case) This phone was my introduction into the tech and app world. In my year or so of using this phone, it must have survived hundreds of drops. From everything to rivers, concrete floors, stairs, and if i'm honest, some on purpose drops (to demonstrate its toughness of course). I can't remember anytime that this phone failed me and it always seemed to have enough juice to just barely make it through the day. The day it left my hands was a sad day but also a good day because I got it's successor!

I got the S3 (and sold my S2) around late 2013 when my brother jumped on the Nexus 5. This phone was like those Russian dolls that split open only to reveal another doll. It kept giving and giving. It could run anything I really needed, had a massive screen compared to what In was used to and my god did it look good. I treated this phone like it was my kid until I metaphorically dropped my kid on his head. It was around Mid-April 2014 and I was in my weight-lifting class using it to listen to music. I went to do a bench press that my friend was kidding around about and told me to do. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to do more than one but I gave it my best shot anyway. I set my phone off to the side a little bit and proceeded to try the press I did it once until my arms gave up and I dropped the 50lb weights off to the side. "YO YO WATCH OUT YOU ALMOST HIT YOUR PHONE." I turned to them wide eyed and picked up the phone. Goodbye sweet love. The weight had landed on the backside of the phone and right on the bottom corner. It smashed the screen but the phones internals were fine. They thought I was kidding when I said it was dead. I was not. The class was over and I walked calmly the locker to get changed. I wasn't as upset as I was expecting to be considering that I had just killed a fairly relevant phone. I went home following the end of school and told my parents about my phones death.

After losing most of my parents trust with technology, they gave me the phone that we had lying around for a few years. My brothers old Xperia Arc. This phone was my brothers before we had gotten the free ones. It felt like a dinosaur to me coming from the Galaxy S3. It can't run even the simplest of apps without lagging out and sometimes just outright crashing. If all goes as planned, I will not have this piece of junk for much longer. Thanks to the gods at OnePlus, once the Black 64gb version of the One is released I will be fighting until the last breath to get an invite and buy it.

Here's pictures of all the phones I have used in order of owning/using and in the colour I had them in:

Samsung Intensity


Xperia Play


Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S3


Xperia Arc (Current)


Future Oneplus ONE


Thanks for reading!


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