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About this blog

A blog about your favorite number.

Entries in this blog

handymanshandle's VeggieTales VHS Collection

Back when I was a kid, I really loved VeggieTales. Honestly, I still do to this day. No, not every episode has aged well, but the ones that have still REALLY hold up to this day.  This blog entry covers the VeggieTales tapes I own. Where's God When I'm S-scared? - ✓ (1995 print and 1998 Lyrick Studios reprint) God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!? - ✓ (1995? print and 2001 Lyrick reprint) Are You My Neighbor? - ✓ (1997 Lyrick Studios print and 1998 Lyrick print) Rack,

What Peanuts VHS Tapes I Need to Get My Hands On

Guess this oughta exist. Counting Paramount tapes only, no specific variant within that realm.   Regular Specials: A Charlie Brown Christmas - ✓ (Shell print from 1992, 1995 print in cardboard sleeve, promotional 1995 print, 1996 clamshell case print and 1998 print) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - ✓ (1994 print and 2000 reprint of 1997 tape) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - ✓ (1994 print) Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown - ✓ (sealed 1995 print) It's th