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  1. I am trying to setup a 3 party software in my network to use the SMTP gmail relay however its not working..can anyone help??
  2. Hey is it possiable to get a coax cord to be wireless, if so can you give a recommending. this is for a cable box.
  3. no, to make a wifi card a ap
  4. i don't really need to explain it that wasn't my question. can you give link? also would be nice for a link.
  5. Just wondering if this was even possible, my family uses a lot of wifi and they need over 2gbps on 5ghz or they would get slow connect. I just need to know if there was a way to make your own modem/router/wifi so is there a pci coax and can you use a pci wifi card to send out data for wifi?
  6. you made a good counter argument.
  7. If you read into there no qoute from anyone who works at the company saying they cancelled the project.
  8. also entertainment and facts can be done if the same video. just watch ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIwKhX-1gZQ ) great video.
  9. where did you get that from?
  10. I watch both videos now, the first was boring, yes it had facts in it, but he overwhelmed me with all of the other to compare them to like the noise level. they each contain about the same amount of facts for what they were reviewing. also i didn't really laugh in either video. i prefer linus since the video got to why someone would buy it and it to other computer at each end(power and style) and at the end he compare it to something similar and told you to buy which one was cheaper. the other video was just number(this is bad since if you don't know what they mean in real life its useless) and yes i did get bored a 16 min video for a computer case, man i felt like he was trying to push that video.
  11. its going to take some time reviewing the video, so don't think you won.
  12. good job on the argument there i can really tell your premise/reason of why you can't be both(sarcasm)
  13. they were late with the labo meaning they will review thing that have been past.
  14. linus still does review. also all youtubers are entertainer, that doesn't mean they can't help. you don't have to pick one, you can do both.