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  1. Hello Everyone, Im planning to build a new pc for moderate gaming. but I'm gonna use it mainly for photoshop and minor premierepro/AE edits. I have a basic understanding of things work inside the PC & I'm planning to stick with INTEL because of placebo reasons. if you can help me build a new PC from scratch, i would really Appreciate it.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm Planning to add a new ssd to my laptop. but my question is whether is it really reliable enough to replace the optical drive with a new hard drive caddy or just take off the hard disk and replace it with the new SSD. if you think its okay to use optical bay, can you please suggest a caddy which will fit this specific HP(15-an050nr) Model or a similar one. & also give me your thoughts about this model - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OBRE5UE/ref=pe_1861300_271030740_em_1p_6_ti?th=1) Thank you
  3. That helps a lot, my previous experience with RAID, that youtube video got me confused for going in a different way if its M2 SSD. Thank you.
  4. Well @Armakar, Linustechtips never asked people to "not ask basic questions because it's a crime in our website" if you are so much into computer , setup a new group or forum with your so called techies and leave this forum. thank you
  5. thanks you, but one last Q. i installed windows on a computer before which had two hard disks, after i was done with installation, other hard disk has the same exact thing, so whenever i create,edit or delete something . it was doing the same thing on the other disk too. i guess it's something related to RAID...idk much about it, so we had to format and unplug the other hard disk to keep it in a regular way. Anyway it will be delivered in a day or two. i will follow ur steps and do it in a regular way. thank you @Armakar
  6. Alright, so i dont have to mess with the bios settings ? i got confused after watching this video https://www.google.com/search?ei=CtoTWu_SHs_w_Abjp6ywDA&q=install+windows+in+m2+&oq=install+windows+in+m2+&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39k1j0i22i30k1l3.3350.3350.0.3562. &btw i am familiar with traditional HDD instll.
  7. Hello everyone, we just bought this new rig HP Pavilion 570-p023w Desktop https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05577914 it already has a 128 ssd, and it's using Lubin Motherboard Can anyone please tell me how to install windows in the SSD? i already have a Windows 10 UEFI in a thumb drive with license key. thank you
  8. Well i dont want to get into color corrections as such. i totally understood that i cant do much with my lappy right now. but as of now im okay with that EVO, but is there any way that i could check my laptop's motherboard specs to check whether i have a M2 slot or not ?
  9. So what do you recommend, leave this laptop for now and save some money to buy a new one ? or do the upgrade and carry out my photoshop training smoothly ?
  10. And btw this is the laptop im using. HP 15-an050nr....idk if i could install M2 without removing the present HDD.
  11. got ya..i will forget about editing and rendering.. is it okay if i ugrade my hdd to a new SSD..will that be okay for photoshop ? if yes would you be able to suggest a good SSD for this laptop...within 200$ if its possible. Thank you
  12. Hello everyone, Currently im using a laptop with i5 6200U with 6gigs memory...& 5400 HDD is it good enough to start photoshop and premiere pro editing...if not what would be the best alternative.
  13. Can you guide me through the whole process of installing windows in SSD? i already have UEFI windows on a thumb drive. is it similar to the traditional process or do i have to do any changes
  14. Its h270 from lubin.. Well that's not my question... I'm mainly worried about ssd being TLC. If that's not good.. I want to add or switch with a new M2 or sata ssd. I'm sorry if I'm not clear with the question.