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  1. ohh well will just have to use a rbg header on the board then and use 2 different software's
  2. i just bought a asus gt501 case. i cant seem to figure out if i can control the RGB on the included fans with a lighting node from corsair or not.
  3. it was my network card :/ got more connection problems so just went a bought one. after that everything has worked fine :)
  4. Sounds good, was a little worried. he somehow conviced me that my psu is to small and thats why i am not getting 100% gpu usage in heavy games. well guess i have to figure out why now then
  5. Hey guys Not really troubleshooting but a question just wondering if my PSU is large enough? A friend of mine is telling me that i would need about 900w is he right or am i in the safe sone? my computer components are: Cpu i9-9900k 5GHz 1,3v Motherboard ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, S-1151 Ram: 32GB of corsair vengeance 3000MHz Watercooler: corsair H110i Gt hydro series GPU: Gainward geforce RTX 2080 triple fan (overclocked) Storage: 1x 120gb ssd 1xSamsung 860 QVO 2TB SSD 1xSamsung 970 EVO 500GB m.2 3x3TB seagate sshd Netwoking card :Asus PCE-AC88 AC3100 PCI-E Adapter Fans 1x 120mm 2X140mm 3x~250mm all of the have LEDS LEDS: 3 strips total Fan controller: sentry mix 2 NZXT and my PSU is a Corsair AX760 80 Plus Platinum
  6. it is not a chrome error since the error also happens in edge, firefox and opera too
  7. it is very specific to my computer, tested 3 others now none of them have this problem. i have also tried all the fixes above and still the same. if i cant get this working very soon i am going to do a fresh windows install...
  8. i tried my luck with Ethernet over power today on no luck it seems. does not work at all since the power in this room is on a different circuit than the room the router is placed in
  9. Soooo i figured out that flushing my dns makes it work for some time... but only for like 20 minutes. I dont wanna have to constantly flush my dns. So if anyone know what can cause this i would be very happy
  10. so back to square one i guess
  11. i forgot to edit tread but it actually stopped working in incognito to it just worked for a much longer time the first time i tried it... i have tried removing cookies i even did a winows recovery to get to a point where i know it was working and that didnt fix it
  12. ok i got it working in incognito mode now... what could make it work in incognito mode?
  13. i have tried this multiple times and i does not work. i don`t use a VPN i have even tried installing one and its the same problem with or without the VPN active
  14. Hi, i just got fiber installed and i quickly realized that the standard router didnt have the range. so i changed it for a archer c7 ac1750 v2 anything spesial i should to in the router to optimize it? and i need some help getting optimal speed for my computer. you see the modem and router is installed on the other side of the house and i only get about 100 Mbps down and 135 Mbps up out if it when it should be 300/300. i get the speed if i plug in a cable, but i cant use a cable since i have multiple doors and a kitchen and living room in between me and the router. so anything i can do to help me get better speed? the wireless connection icon in windows have all bars filled so you would think the connection was good.
  15. can some one help me figure out how i can get the twitch videos working on my computer again? i can only watch about 5 minutes at most of a video before i get an error "there was a network error. please try again. (Error #2000)" i can still watch streams live with no problems and everything else works properly. i just cant watch past bradcasts on twitch i know it is a local problem because i have my laptop next to me and it plays the videos just fine. so it is a problem with my pc not the network as far as i can tell. i downloaded the twitch app on the pc and even that fucks up so there is something very wierd about this problem i dont even know where to start... so i tried to create a hotspot on my pc and share with the laptop and the problem spread to the laptop. seriously this got to be the wierdest problem i have ever had