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  1. Hey guys! Currently using a very uncomfortable chair, and looking to buy a new chair. I have a budget of ~ $200 (CAD) max 275. What are chairs you would recommend? thanks
  2. HEY guys! I feel like I am missing out on SOOO many fun/cool websites. Every time I am bored, I just sit there and refresh the few websites I do visit (facebook, youtube, etc). I looking for some new websites to go exploring on. *SFW only please* What websites are ALWAYS open in your browser? What are your TOP 5 bookmarked websites? What are your favorite websites to do online shopping and check out HOT DEALS? Which website do you use to keep up with current events? If you had to choose ONE website to browse FOREVER, which would it be? and anything else you would like us to try out?
  3. my orders alone would bankrupt them...
  4. it says "This promotion is expired! Please remove this product from your cart!" SOO SAD ;(
  5. still nothing (southern Canada), but i expect it to take a while
  6. well the one it gave me was legit if not just talk to pay pall and try to get refund?
  7. This is Legit. It gives you a "promo" code which you can use at the antlion website. The promo code reduces the price to $0 and you just enter your address to ship.
  8. corsair cx500 do i need a new one?
  9. i have it plugged into this http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B000HPV3RW?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 other things plugged into the same thing: monitor, speakers and a usb charger
  10. hey guys! I was playing league of legends when my pc randomly shut off (not "shutting down", but like all lights switched off and went black. Then it turned itself on again right away and retarted. This happened once more, and a third time but this time it didnt turn on again itself (i turned it on). This is my first time experience any major problem on this computer. any thoughts on what could be the problem? my temps seem to be normal avrg 60Cgpu 48 cpu build: CPUi7-4790k MotherboardZ97 Gaming 3 RAMG.Skill Ripjaws X Series (2 x 4GB) GPUEVGA gtx 970 CaseNzxt h440 (Red/black) Storage1 Tb HDD, 120 GB SSD Display(s)Qnix qx2710 (1440p) CoolingHyper 212 EVO KeyboardCorsair k70 MouseLogitech G502 SoundAudio Technica ath-m50x and Simple Audio Listen Operating SystemWin 7
  11. I have the audio technica mth50x and when i plugged them into the BACK (io port) of my computer i would get an annoying buzz, but then I plugged them into the FRONT audio jack and the noice went away. I posted it here and someone said it was something to do with interference from the motherboard (idk?). you might have the same problem.
  12. Hi guys! I have the Simple Audio Listen (http://www.simpleaudio.com/all-products/bluetooth-speakers/simple-audio-listen) speakers. Usually i have them plunged into my computer and when I'm not on my computer I connect through Bluetooth to my Nexus 5. Yesterday, I connected my phone to the speakers but I could barely hear any sound coming out of the speakers (you can sort of hear it it its at 100% volume on phone and speakers, usually I keep it at 50% on phone and 35% on speakers). I tried connecting another device through Bluetooth (old Samsung galaxy tab), but there were no issues with that, and it still plays the audio fine when in through USB and aux cord. I've been testing it over the past day, but nothing has changed. What happened? How do i fix this? HELP I <3 my music
  13. Hey guys! I am looking to get into photography as a hobby. I am a complete NOOB, and have no idea what I'm doing, but it seems interesting so what the hell. What Camera would you recommend I buy to start out (Max 400$)? Thanks