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  1. i'll keep going until I get a number someone said
  2. Hi I have a couple codes for games that I either already have or just aren't my type of game. I'm giving them away if anyone wants them. Comment a number between 1 and 100 and if you have a preference for game. If you win a game that has already been won, then I will let you chose a remaining game. -Chainsaw Warrior Lords of the Night -Paranautical Activity -Three Dead Zed -Barrow Hill Curse of the Ancient Circle -Turbo Pug -Corporate Lifestyle Simulator -The Gentlemen Pack -Rooks Keep (All of these games are for steam) I will pick in 24 hours
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a laptop for school. I want it to be a portable and thin laptop, but need it to be under $1000. I would like to be able to do some very light gaming on it, but that's not a big deal if I can't. The only thing that I must have is a nice display. Does anyone have any recommendations. I have been looking at the dell xps 13.
  4. tobin4

    Car help

    Hey everyone. So I've been looking for a fun, cheap car that I will be able to do some work on myself. On Craigslist I found a Ford escort GT for about $1500, with about 90k miles on it. The only thing is the car has significant rust on the undercarriage. Does anyone know how difficult it is to remove rust? Also are Ford escorts reliable and worth the money and work? Thanks
  5. Hey I'm wondering if anyone has played Far Cry Primal. And if so, is it any good. I'm considering buying it but can't seem to form an opinion on what I think about it. I like the style of game and I want a break from first person shooters. Would you recommend it. Thanks guys.
  6. Okay thanks. I think I'll just stick to playing with my friends on xbox and If I find it for a steal then I might pick it up for pc.
  7. I agree. But I already finished the storyline once.
  8. Yeah thats what I am afraid of happening to me. I played so much of xbox that I might get bored too easily on pc.
  9. I played GTA V on xbox 360 and xbox One before the pc release and to say the least i have loved the game. I play GTA online on xbone because that what all my friends have (sadly), but would it be worth it if I could pick it up for sale for pc to mess around with mods and that kind of stuff. I probably wont go near gta online much because all I hear about is all the hackers. Thanks in advance.
  10. Whats your budget? What kind of games do you play?
  11. Worst game I have played was Destiny. Only game I got rid of within a month.
  12. Drop the Game by Flume (feat. Chet Faker)
  13. This is sweet! I set it as my background and I'm not even a big fan of the games. I've only played 2 or 3 of them. Thanks for making this and keep up the good work.
  14. I personally enjoyed Skyrim because of the in depth story and all the background information you could discover. Not to mention the world, that was pretty sweet too. And personally the reason I like GTA V so much is because I just fool around with my friends. Whether we are doing extreme races, driving cars down Mt Chilliad, or cruising around Los Santos, I always have fun. So for me I would say that for many games having online does help because I like playing with friends.
  15. I was just saying $299.99 instead of $270 because I know some people don't use mail in rebates very often. I personally don't like them, but for something that is a couple hundred dollars, I would use it.
  16. Newegg has the PNY GTX 780 Enthusiast edition GPU for $299.99. This is normally $500. The specs are: 3gb GDDR5 384 bit 2304 cuda cores 863mhz core clock 6008mhz memory clock I don't know about the reliability of PNY as a GPU company because I have never used one of there graphics cards, but from the looks of it this seems like it would be a pretty good deal. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133549
  17. R.E.M Kodaline Alex Clare Little Hurricane Chet Faker and John Newman I am really bad at picking favorites when it comes to music, it tends to change every couple of months.
  18. I got it and played some, but how do you get steam cards from it?
  19. COD: AW 7.5/10 Much better than I expected. When I bought it I only got it because I wanted a new game since the last one I bought was about a year ago. I went in to the game skeptical but was plesantly surprised by the improved gun fights. The exo skeletons were good to use because you could take full advantage of the maps. One complaint I have is I am tired of FPS games based in the future. WHY DOES EVERY GAME THAT COMES OUT HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FUTURE. I'D RATHER A GAME FROM THE PAST THAN THE FUTURE. (sorry I am fed up with this future FPS laser gun non sense). But over all AW was a good game and if you like FPS games then you will at least some what enjoy this. It can get boring though, but that is expected with a COD.
  20. Thats pretty much the same as me. Everyone uses such high dpi, I can't stand over like 1500, but thats just me
  21. I'm curious to see what dpi everyone uses. I wanna see if there is a common number or if it is all over the place. Personally I use 600 when I game and around 900 when I am on my desktop. (thanks to the M65 and its dpi buttons) So what do you guys use for your mouse? Whether its just browsing the web or getting 500 kill streaks in COD.