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  1. Please tell me just one instance of that boundless idiocy, just one. I fear that cognitive dissonance is strong with you.. P.S. Notice how everyone I linked has a PhD in either economy, history, or philosophy....
  2. Are you gonna make an argument or not? Silly insults are tiresome.
  3. Only negative rights exist. You lack basic philosophical literacy.
  4. Advocating for a system solely based on violence with a horrendous track record, is extremely violent.
  5. If people value a service/product, other people will create that service/product. Do I really have to say this in a freaking tech forum?? You do not "pay" the government anything, the money is stolen from you under the threat of kidnapping or murder. To test this, do not pay taxes, and ignore warnings to pay them. You will soon get a visit from blue-costumed bandits. Everything else you mentioned I already addressed directly or indirectly via links, please don't be lazy.
  6. At 51:20 Oops, sorry, socialists are inherently violent and economically illiterate because they use the government to steal money through taxation at a gun point, in order to ruin society with collectivist programs. Anyway, let's get to his points: - Anarchy doesn't mean chaos, like mon-archy means one ruler, an-archy means no ruler. Rules are simply polycentric with voluntary contracts(and sanctions).. - Unless you are in a sexual sado-masochistic relationship, and you are the sub, everything about your everyday life is voluntarist i.e. anarchic. - Roads are not built by governments but by private companies at the behest of the government with its stolen tax money, this is usually less than 3% of the total government expenditure, the rest is spent on devastating social programs, redundant bureaucracy, hijacked monopolized services, and wars - Government is illogical, immoral and irrational because you can't delegate a right to other persons which you don't have, it is impossible for those in "government" to have any rights that I do not personally have - Governments are the biggest source of unnatural death because, as they are based on violent coercion and theft, they introduce moral hazard into every aspect of society - Social programs do not help people, literacy was much higher before the public education, charity works better because it helps the undeserved poor instead of creating the culture of poverty, and private healthcare was much better and cheaper before it was socialized. - Every service that is currently hijacked by the government can be realized more cost-effectively, with higher quality, through the free market because it is based on competition, not on the monopoly of violence: P.S. Any bets if mods will immediately close this topic in "off topic" forum, despite directly addressing the claims from Linus' show? Collectivists to tend to be highly authoritarian.
  7. All parts of your statement, put together, make no sense whatsoever.
  8. Yes, the PCIe one is 80% more expensive so I obviously wasn't talking about that one.
  9. For example Samsung 850 EVO M.2 500GB is $40 more expensive than normal Samsung 850 EVO. So, considering that M.2 also has three times less materials on it, does that mean that M.2 is faster?
  10. Another clueless, puke-worthy fawning from Luke & Linus at 37:12. Guys: 1. these are not refugees but economic migrants and even if they were refugees look point 2 2. Islam is not a good thing, it is a totalitarian, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-reason ideology worse than nazism and communism combined Let a fellow Canadian with master's degree in history explain this to you - P.S. Can Luke & Linus please respond to this, their ignorance is simply breathtaking.
  11. Never mind... Lol, it has almost 100 000 views, I knew I wasn't the only one.
  12. Exactly the one in the picture. Both are images from the manual.