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  1. are using a bootable flash or CD for your OS install? what are installing it on HDD or SSD?
  2. Hey guys, So a couple of days ago i posted about my PC suddenly shutting down at random intervals. Now the issue is getting worse the moment i enter my password on the login screen and hit enter the computer shuts down and restarts without any error messages. i am starting to doubt it might be a PSU issue but i can't verify as a PSU issue would pop up under load. i haven't done any recent modifications to the system other than add 2 TB HDD. which is working fine, and i haven't heard of a HDD causing shutdowns i am completely out of ideas to the point that i am considering just starting a new build System specs: 550W thermaltalk PSU - i7-950 - 12 kingstone KVR RAM - MOBO: Intel DX58SO2
  3. i am using the HDMI port and the DP. but for the DP i am using a DP to HDMI converter
  4. well the card has very little in the way of ports it has 1 HDMI 1 DP 1 DVI. so i have an (HDMI to HDMI) and (DP to HDMI converter for the other port) also the cables are new unless they shorting from the head of the connector next to the body of the case
  5. I have 12 GB of ram i don't think it's causing an issue
  6. Hi guys, so a month ago i decided to switch from a single monitor to a dual monitor setup so i picked up two used dell P-series monitors a 22" and a 24" and ever since then all hell broke lose, any time i connect both monitors and start running programs on both. my computer shuts down suddenly and restarts. For example if i full screen a youtube video on the 22" and browse the web on the 24" the computer just restarts, no error messages or anything. if i disconnect the second monitor and only use the 24" it runs fine, and gaming is completely out of the question. So i was thinking it could be a PSU issue but a PSU would shut down with one or two monitors, then i thought maybe its a GPU issue and i am running out of GPU Memory since its a 1GB card but i am not getting any memory errors. i've already updated the GPU drivers to the latest stable version but i still can't figure out the source of the issue. My setup is i7-950, AMD Radeon 7770 (Note that both monitors are connected via HDMI to the GPU), Thermaltake 730W.
  7. Hello guys, Recently one of my HDDs Failed, So i took the precautionary measure of disconnecting the drive till i send it for data recovery. but afterwards every time i boot up my PC i got a Boot mgr missing error. which would make sense if the OS was installed on that HD but its not, the OS is running from a 120 GB SSD. And the HDD only contained files like pictures and other documents, no programs or anything. i tried going into the BIOS and making sure the boot order is proper. but even then it wont boot. The only way i can get it to boot from the SSD is if i go into the boot menu and select the SSD. is there a way to fix this issue without formatting? Thanks in Advance
  8. I am a bit of a fan when it comes to attempting DIY solutions but usually the risk is much lower than completely losing my data. So i guess i am taking your advice and checking with one of the local electronics retailers that offer a data recovery service, i am just hoping the fee is reasonable. Thank you all for your assistance.
  9. Hello guys, So Recently I've run into a bit of a problem i started hearing clicking noise from my 500 Gb seagate which we know is a sign of failing HDD but just to make sure i ran crystal disk info and it is indeed reporting a bad HDD. To make matters worse i use this HDD as a photo backup. I've already ordered a new higher capacity drive but with all the logistics issues its gonna be a week before amazon delivers it. So meanwhile i'd like to transfer the data on this drive to the other one before it takes a turn to the worse. Now i tried to normally copy and paste the data but the speeds are inconsistent (I assume the head is failing) and it keeps disconnecting and the copying process is terminated. My question is there a safer way to copy the data from the disk without risking the data? PS: The failing HDD has about 13780 Power on hours while the other HDD has 39700 Power hours on and its showing fine in crystal disk info. which i think is weird.
  10. Hello guys, So I've recently moved back to android after i got a Huawei Nova 5T, I used an iphone 6s for the past year (not a bad phone). During my time using the iphone i got used to the Notes app and the table creation feature in it, pretty handy not gonna lie. when i switched back to android i started looking for notes apps that are just as simple yet include the table creation feature. couldn't find much. most of the apps i found have either a bad UI or are Ad infested or they simply don't work. in the mean time i am using Microsoft word as a temporary solution. So my question is does anyone know of any app that is similar to the iOS notes app?. I wouldn't mind paying if the app is good and the price is reasonable.
  11. People have been saying so many good things about the 3T i am excited to get one now.. thanks for your advice
  12. i mean i've had a couple of HTC devices with the front facing stereo speakers and tbh i rarely listen to music from the phone speakers i am mostly connected to my cars Bluetooth or to my headsets it's one of those features thats nice to have when you need it. anyway thanks for your opinion
  13. Hey guys i am looking to buy a new phone. i am kinda struggling to choose between the Oneplus3T and the HTC One 10. i don't know if anyone has had an experience with either but i'd appreciate any input, i 'd like the phone to have custom ROMs on the internet so that i can just simply root it in the future if i need to. and off-course something with good build quality, i've owned an HTC one M7 and a One X9.. and i love the HTC build quality. Thanks.
  14. unfortunately no such setting. the closest could find is the selecting in the screen shot. and i can't select that. Thanks
  15. Hey tt2468, i assume you want me to try those steps on a 3rd party router, if so sadly i don't have a router other than the one etisalat provided and my old router doesn't have Vlan settings. and i am hesitant to buy a new router to try if it will work, but ill try to borrow one from a friend and follow the instructions you gave me. Thanks.