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    I need Help building my new pc

    All I would need would be Windows 8. I have everything else such as a keyboard and mouse. Also, ATM, I am only doing 3d modeling as a hobby, but I potentially would want to be able to work and do things like this professionally. So I want a pc that can run things like this easily. Also thank you all for giving me recomendations and everything. I do however would like to stick with nvidia as they have always been more reliable in mi personal experience
  2. JesseLM

    I need Help building my new pc

    Wow guys thanks you all so much! this has helped me so much! I forgot to mention, I might go for a second monitor, as they help a lot for working and all that. I was thinking of the BenQ 24" 1080p monitor. But if you guys know any better one, be sure to tell me. I understand getting the monitor brings the price up, but i can go over my budget for a 100€ more or less . Also thank you so much for answering! haha, i have been on other forums and have no one answer me
  3. Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum So, I have a bad PC. And am looking to buy a proper gaming computer. So, after lots of working and stuff... I live in Spain and I have 1600€ witch is around 2180$. I have a good 1080p 23" ASUS monitor. Good headphones and nice keyboard and mouse. So, my main concern is the actual Computer in itself. And lets just say I don't mind to spend all of my money on it. I have no idea where to start. I am sure that I'm going to buy it all in parts, so i can get the best ones tailored to what i want. The things I had in mind where a GTX 780, 16 GB in ram and a 4k i7 intel core processor. What i want to do with this pc is not only game as I do lots of modeling in programs like cinema 4d. But i would love to run BF4 on ultra 60fps or so. If anyone could give me a link to a video or page/forum or even answer directly the parts I need... I would be very grateful If anyone wants to contact me directly, just add me on steam: "JesseLovesMeth" or Skype: "jason.palma46" Thanks for reading -Jesse