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  1. All I would need would be Windows 8. I have everything else such as a keyboard and mouse. Also, ATM, I am only doing 3d modeling as a hobby, but I potentially would want to be able to work and do things like this professionally. So I want a pc that can run things like this easily. Also thank you all for giving me recomendations and everything. I do however would like to stick with nvidia as they have always been more reliable in mi personal experience
  2. Wow guys thanks you all so much! this has helped me so much! I forgot to mention, I might go for a second monitor, as they help a lot for working and all that. I was thinking of the BenQ 24" 1080p monitor. But if you guys know any better one, be sure to tell me. I understand getting the monitor brings the price up, but i can go over my budget for a 100€ more or less . Also thank you so much for answering! haha, i have been on other forums and have no one answer me
  3. Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum So, I have a bad PC. And am looking to buy a proper gaming computer. So, after lots of working and stuff... I live in Spain and I have 1600€ witch is around 2180$. I have a good 1080p 23" ASUS monitor. Good headphones and nice keyboard and mouse. So, my main concern is the actual Computer in itself. And lets just say I don't mind to spend all of my money on it. I have no idea where to start. I am sure that I'm going to buy it all in parts, so i can get the best ones tailored to what i want. The things I had in mind where a GTX 780, 16 GB in ram and a 4k i7 intel core processor. What i want to do with this pc is not only game as I do lots of modeling in programs like cinema 4d. But i would love to run BF4 on ultra 60fps or so. If anyone could give me a link to a video or page/forum or even answer directly the parts I need... I would be very grateful If anyone wants to contact me directly, just add me on steam: "JesseLovesMeth" or Skype: "jason.palma46" Thanks for reading -Jesse