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  1. Ok then I'll vote for it cause it's the only one I haven't watched Oh and yes ... We shall refer to it as SakuPet
  2. Wow ... Good job with the selection and I can personally say all of them are amazing ... (not too sure about The Pet Girl thing though) Weeeeeeeeeell now I have to choose which one I would like to rewatch/skim
  3. What's my job ? U want me to help out with the posts ?
  4. Berserk is GREAT ... But I haven't watched Basilisk ... Maybe I'll try it out when I get some time
  5. Well I can definitely recommend : 1) Code Geass (Great strategy anime) 2) A nice slice of life (the only I've enjoyed) and I highly recommend it -> Bakuman (The whole series) 3) Fate Zero (Nice action anime) And those are in no particular order
  6. Maybe try Zankyo No Terror ... Or Tokyo Goul ... Both very recent and still on-going I like watching them weekly because they are so dark ... If I try marathoning this type of anime I just get lost in the depth of the anime and end up depressed (In that case I would resort to something like a sports anime ... Maybe Haikyuu! also a great recent)
  7. Well I enjoy all types of anime ... Hmmm ... I mean I dont like this 'for the sake of comedy' types But as for the types I DO enjoy ... A dark mystery is always interesting ... I also like light hearted animes as long as they have an interesting underlying story ... Magi is an example of that Didn't think I'd have to explain myself ... I wasn't ready for that
  8. Well I've been away the last couple of weeks ... So I think I'll try watching this ... Although it doesn't seem like my type ... Well ... Still deserves a chance <_<
  9. To be honest I JUST started to watch it ... So I'm a bit late ... But I have to say --> "WHAT AN OPENING!" Reminds me of the Cowboy Bepop style which I am a fan of Back to watching ...
  10. Completely forgot about this whole thing ... Went on vacation (just got back) I did this a while ago ... It's kinda my twist on the 'ball of yarn' idea ... http://postimg.org/image/ezmhgxwwp/full/
  11. There are plenty games I've played and I don't remember ... They must have been not as good as the ones I remember then ? Assassins Creed (The First) Pokemon on GameBoy (FireRed, & Leaf Green) Sim City (One of the Older Games)
  12. I've been on vacation but I've just made it back ... But I'll be out in another week ... Again But I'll watch this, sounds interesting
  13. Not my type of animes but what's the fun in not participating So I picked Sunday Without God just because it seems like a good one (nothing special about my choice really ) But I have a suggestion for next week ... I recommend mixing it up ... The choices are nice ... But they all kinda lye in that 1 similar 'area' of anime genres ... Not sure if I'm explaining myself well ... But if not just disregard what I said because it's my fault for not getting the idea across Anyway ^^ The notification thing was faulty so thanks MyInnerFred
  14. What AN AWESOME IDEA ... Issue is when I read this I pictured what could possibly be the best LTT Wallpaper EVER ... But I tried and tried and failed This is the best I could do : http://i.imgur.com/24Jtzp0.jpg Maybe you can give me some feedback and help me fix it up ? Not sure why but I'm having quality issues ... It's probably compression from imgur (the same happens with the forum) so any suggestions where I can upload with no compression?