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  1. looking to get a new router, looking at possibly the asus RT-AC3200 , but also looking to see if any higher end models go on sale anytime soon. any recommendations would also be appreciated .
  2. my current case is a corsair air 540 which i really like for my main desktop i wanto build a lan rig in which im debating on either a prodigy or node 804. not a big fan of the air 240 or the smaller cases that corsair has currently
  3. if you mean the crazy long convo in the middle of the build log where just you two are talking for a while then yes thats this one. pretty entertaining read honestly.
  4. so just spent the last few hours or so reading through this entire build thread from beginning to end. have to say that this is absolutely amazing. i really wanto do a dual cpu computer but dont have the budget to sink into something like that right now. major kudos to you good sir. amazing thread. now time to go read the ones for apollo and zeus. well here goes another couple hours of my life....haha
  5. http://www.amazon.com/Linksys-Wireless-Dual-Band-Anywhere-EA6200/dp/B00DLYD31A/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1444333175&sr=1-1&refinements=p_36%3A1253504011%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_three_browse-bin%3A8514071011 heres a decent one from amazon, its a 130$ router on sale for 38$, otherwise just go to your favorite site like newegg or amazon and just filter down to the price range you are looking for and see what you like
  6. currently have a 270x and while i have not had experience with a 960. my 270x has been great as far as gaming goes . 1080p running games at high or max settings without any issues
  7. depends if you want one monitor at a really high resolution or three at a middle point .never used one but i would assume surround setup would definitely be more immersive. also i would check out like wide screen gaming forums to see how well most games run in 3 way surround . i hear it can have issues in some modern games as they arent typically made to support it.
  8. is there any way to mod keycaps to get the light to shine through better ? such as maybe sanding down the keycap from the underside to get light to shine through better or would it ruin the stability of the keycap itself ?
  9. havent used them personally but maybe a bitfenix prodigy or maybe a phenom. from what ive heard they are roomy yet fairly small
  10. definitely looks like a good deal for both of them
  11. if were talking about first personal pc mine was actually a laptop. it has 256mb of ram which i had upgraded to 512 and it had a single core processor hyperthreaded i believed so it showed up as two cores. wasnt that amazing but did play untreal tournament 2004 decent enough though. desktop was a gateway prebuilt that came with a dual core and 2 gb of ram. which i later upgraded the power supply and got a 8800 GT when they first came out. was right around the time half life 2 was released as i had got the orange box right around that time as well. both were gateway PCs though.
  12. check out this video, should give you a little insight on it
  13. anybody have experience using blank keycaps with backlighting and how well it shines through. and if it doesnt is there any way to mod it to increase how much it would shine through ?
  14. yeah thats what im thinking . the other piece is still attached on the mouse so i can kinda mold it off of that essentially , just would like to fix it rather than throw it away
  15. yeah i just need to find something to glue in there, the original piece that was in there is now lost. just need to find a plastic piece that i can glue in there to fix it somehow. the mouse is out of warranty otherwise i would do a RMA