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    Sarajevo, Bosnia


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    Intel® Core™ i3 4170
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    1x4GB 1333Mhz Transcend
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 570
  • Case
    Fractal 1000
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    WD500GB + EVO 240GB
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    Thermaltake SMART SE630W
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    Samsung SyncMaster 2333SW
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    Steelseries Sensei
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    Steelseries Siberia Frost Blue

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  1. biggiepk

    RTX 2060 overclock

    That GPU is already super strong to handle all possible titles. You should educate yourself before doing something like this. You pushed it quite good, no need to do so.
  2. biggiepk

    How to calibrate displays

    Fala rodjak. Ima nas svugdje
  3. biggiepk

    How to calibrate displays

    I already found out about that site, but i'm not sure how to calibrate colors. Where do i go to calibrate them properly? How to make same white on both screens, same blue, etc
  4. biggiepk

    How to calibrate displays

    The left one is U2414H (HDMI) and right one is P2414H (dvi). As you can see the colors are a little bit different. This is problem because my eyes have to adjust all the time.. btw. i reset them both on factory settings before this picture.
  5. biggiepk

    How to calibrate displays

    It was on limited on DELL U2414H but when i press on second monitor, DELL P2414H i don't have that option. Ok what is next step ?
  6. biggiepk

    How to calibrate displays

    Hi guys. I just bought my second monitor. I have DELL U2414H and P2414H now. One is connected via HDMI and second is connected via DVI. I get a little bit stronger collors on P2414H. Like white is more whiter, and blue is stronger. I tryed to calibrate them with presets, brightnes and etc, but i did no succed. Can you help me out here?
  7. biggiepk

    Advice for second monitor

    Yes, the monitor will be 70% of the time in portrait mode Okay, so i should get this dell then ?
  8. biggiepk

    Advice for second monitor

    Hello guys. I need secod monitor for programming and development purposes. Currently i have DELL U2414H. Now i need another monitor which i will be using in portrait mode only next to this one. These are the monitors that i found around me, used, from the people that i trust. Samsung S24C650PL ( around 100$) Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM (around 115$) Samsung curved s27e650c (135$) Which one should i buy? I'm really not sure should i get bigger monitor but no IPS, or smaller with ips .. or ... Thanks
  9. It's your first pc and you have 0 knowledge on overclocking, then why are you trying to be stupid? You will gain 5-8% performance increase and your amount of knowledge can burn you pc to the ground. Go educate yourself.
  10. biggiepk

    OC with a stock fan

    You can but, it's not recommended due the lack of cooling.
  11. biggiepk

    Help me, Ryzen PC not working

    Reset cmos battery.
  12. Hi guys, Can somebody help me how to do this? Or link me to some tutorial? thanks Create a class Book with private attributes book Title, book Author, numOfPages and constructors: zero argument, constructor with parameters, getters and seters for each attribute.
  13. I have good laptop for everyday use (Dell 3737), but i need something small and light for my job. I would do office + python or java. Friend is seeling his macbook air A1370 with dead battery (works on charger) for 200$ US. It has i5, ssd 64gb, and 2gb of ram, 11 inch screen. Now i don't know if these specs are all right for me? The laptop would be used only 2 times a week.
  14. biggiepk

    Is my psu dead or gpu?

    Okay. thank you.
  15. biggiepk

    Is my psu dead or gpu?

    The PSU is modular..