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  1. I have it and clicks are very mushy. It is also very small - only covers my fingers. The battery rattles inside as well.
  2. From Lenovo's website - Maximum external resolution: 2560x1600 (DisplayPort)@60Hz; 2048x1536 (VGA)@75Hz; 1920x1200@60Hz (single-link DVI-D via cable 45J7915)
  3. I am already extending. External monitor as my secondary and integrated as primary.
  4. Hello! I have a problem that max resolution I can get from my setup is 1080p even though my monitors resolution is 1440p. My setup is: ThinkPad T430p thunderbolt2/mini-displayport -> miniDP to HDMI converter -> HDMI cable into DELL U2518D. I was thinking that maybe I need to buy a miniDP to DP port cable so the connection is more direct? Pretty sure that this laptop should support larger resolutions. I have another newer HP laptop that connects through miniDP to DP converter and then an HDMI cable and it is possible to select 1440p resolution, Any suggestions?
  5. Hey everyone. I've been looking for the perfect wallmount for my 40" TV but a lot of them are missing information online so it's hard to tell which fits my needs. Right now I have my couch in one corner of the room and my bed in the other. I want mount my TV to the wall in the middle in a way so I can swivel the TV to both ways. Hope the illustration helps to understand: 1) default position - tv not in use, 2) watching tv from bed, 3) watching tv from couch It's important that while the TV swivels for 180 degrees it should also be extended from the wall quite a bit so it's closer to the center of couch. Not sure how much these cost but I am willing to spend around 100 euros.
  6. Good point on getting a used PC, but there aren't the market for used parts isn't that competitive here and everyone is trying to sell old parts for much more than they are worth. I will take a second look on what used pats are listed online. Most of my steam library consists of old or indie games, I used to pirate all my AAA games but now I've got a semi-steady income and could afford a few PS4 discs or PC games. My old system ran games like GTA5 on 40-50fps at 1080p but it was mostly bottlenecked by my non-overclocked dual core Pentium. I think if I buy a quad core, I will surely get a better performance. Great arguments, I will do some research on used parts prices right now.
  7. Yes, but I am not sure if I even will do online gaming as I said I only plan for playing occasionally for casual purposes and the internet isn't very reliable at the new apartment. Even then it isn't that expensive and I've heard you get access to monthly free games.
  8. Hello, LTT community! I moved out of my parent's house so I had to leave the "gaming" PC, which specs you can see in my signature, at my hometown. Since then I own a ThinkPad T430s which is a great work laptop. I can do some lightweight gaming such as LoL and Rocket League with low framerate but I miss some occasional casual gaming. I've saved up some money and have decided to buy a 1080p non-smart 40" TV but I can't decide whether I should buy a used PS4 for 200 euros or take the videocard from my old system (HD7870) and build a dedicated gaming machine around it. The PS4 will obviously be cheaper, but is it a worthy tradeoff for worse graphics? I plan on playing casual games as I don't have that much free time - GTA5, DMC, some racing games, etc. I already own a 360 wireless controller with PC adapter so that's not a problem if I just want to play games from my couch. I know it really depends on personal preference. I've always been on the PC side but it just seems to be no advantage for getting a PC this time. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  9. That's great. To add to gaming topic, I found this video on of someone playing Skyrim on the exact same model so I can't see why it shouldn't be capable or running Rocket League. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtT9fEp7x8s I think I've decided to buy this while it's still available. If anyone has anything else to add, please comment!
  10. Well, gaming isn't #1 priority for me anyways so I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to run games.
  11. I have a 5 year old entry level Asus laptop with HD 3000 at home that is barely running but it still can run League of Legends and Rocket League on minimum settings. That's all I need basically.
  12. Do you think 350 Euros is a justified price for a 4 year old laptop? Take into consideration that everything is more expensive here in Europe.
  13. Hi. In a month I will start studies at a university and I definitely will need a laptop. Some models I've looked through cost around 550 euros (i5, 1080p, discreet gpu) which is borderline expensive for me. I looked at some second hand options and found this guy selling his Lenovo ThinkPad T430s for 350 Euros. He also states that it's the final price. The laptop is 4 years old but it was high end at the time and cost around 1700 Euros. Still looks pretty decent and has some premium functions like i7 CPU (ivy bridge though), SSD, build quality and nice keyboard it has. The only disadvantages I see is that it has only 180 GB SSD with no HDD storage and no discreet GPU but I can live with it as long as it can run Rocket League and League of Legends maybe. Would you buy this laptop as a student or should I look for other, newer options? Is the price appropriate? Thanks!!