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    Brisbane, Australia
  • Occupation
    Car parts salesman


  • CPU
    Intel core i7 3770k OC to 4.8ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock z77 Extream
  • RAM
    16GB(2x8) Corsair Vengence 1600MHZ no OC
  • GPU
    2x Qleadtech GTX 680 +150Mhz core +850Mhz mem
  • Case
    Corsair Vengence c70 gunmetal balck(Clear side pannal mod)
  • Storage
    1x Seageate 2TB Barracuda, 1x OCZ vertex 4 128GB
  • PSU
    Antec 850W Gamer
  • Display(s)
    3x 27in Samsung S27B550, 1x 27in Samsung TA950
  • Cooling
    2x XSPC EX240, XSPC Raystorm, DC-LT Ceramic pump, Matching res, XSPC GTX 680 full copper block, OCool compression fittings, random fans
  • Keyboard
    Razor Anansi
  • Mouse
    Razor Mamba
  • Sound
    Logitech 5.1 surround, Plantronics gamecon 780
  1. imdavidh96

    Access unused space from RAID 1

    Oh well, guess i ll go see the performance difference in software raid now
  2. I have a RAID 1 running on a ga-h67ma-usb3-b3 motherboard. This was setup in the raid bios and not in the OS. The raid is made up of 1x 2tb disk and 1x 3tb disk, obvious that this is not ideal but its what i hardware and that i had laying around. Without the intel rapid storage driver i can see the 700+gb of unused space from the 3tb disk but cant see the raid in partition manager, but with the driver i cant see the unused the space but i can see the raid. OS is running off a separate SSD. If i delete the raid and go to partition manager i see partitions that are used for the raid but it wont let me make the unused space a simple volume. Anyway i can map the unused space and the raid at the same time? or should i just give up delete the raid and make a software raid with partitions. Or is windows just not going to co-operate
  3. imdavidh96

    Enable thumbnailing very large images in Windows Explorer

    i doubt it will work as windows photo viewer sucks for some reason with large images and i think it uses that to generate the thumb
  4. open cmd ad admin cd/ takeown /f * /r /d y hit eneter done
  5. imdavidh96

    Enable thumbnailing very large images in Windows Explorer

    Dont matter why hes making images that large. All i know is how to increase the max rez and quality of the thumbnails windows generates via reg edit but i dont think this will allow large photos to be generated have you just tried waiting like a LONG time? source: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/1066/
  6. ill chill on my non updated windows 8.1 untill all the tracking is gone
  7. imdavidh96

    Apple to Buy 1/3 of Global Gold Supply for its i-Watch

    if its going to happen buying some gold would be good as the value would soar
  8. imdavidh96

    Downloading before Launch?

    >pre ordering
  9. waiting on th3j35t3r now because he was getting mad on this aswell
  10. Note: I am unable to test this due to my shitty monitors only supporting hdmi so so its a dvi>hdmi cable for me. A user by the name of "gamenab" as found in the nvidia drivers the algorithm for g-sync and has managed to activate it via a modified driver he created using a screen with out the g-sync module. He claims that the g-sync module does nothing other then a confirmation that they have paid the royalty fee's to nvidia then the driver handles all the work (still having to use DP) Using his modded driver over the top of the existing driver he was able to force the G-sync option to appear and turn it on. He then posts a video of the nvidia "pendulum" application showing g-sync is active. <quote> </quote> Install: Unlisted Youtube video Source: http://gamenab.net/2015/01/26/truth-about-the-g-sync-marketing-module-nvidia-using-vesa-adaptive-sync-technology-freesync/ http://gamenab.net/2015/01/24/nvidia-g-sync-hack-working-on-every-monitor/ Once again i am unable to test this but a few people on other websites are saying it does work and again DP 1.2 is required or a laptop with external DP out
  11. nevermind got it to work after like 6 more reinstalls
  12. God dam im starting to hate sli, Tl;Dr: Telling me to connect my sli bridge when i have 2 and have moved them around and changed them for other ones So this all started off with nvidia geforce just not working i updated drivers with it and it just broke just outright broke So after like 6 reboots i finally get back into OS i say ima reinstall drivers for it all. Long story short after uninstalling them all i could not actually get back in to reinstall them even if i tried motherboard output. So in the end i had to pull out my 680's sli with full copper water blocks and hold them there so i could boot in. still nothing i put them back in and it just works i get in i install drivers and done i go to sli i get "to use maximum 3d performance" blah blah put a sli bridge in mkay i though i had installed them but no so power down put in my 2 hardline sli bridges and reboot same text mkay i swap the sli bridges same thing i change one of them for a flexible one i have same thing by this time im am really really mad like really mad any idea why the fuck there doing this to me after all these years