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    Intel i5 4670K
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    Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI
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    16g Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC
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    Cooler Master Elite 130
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    250g Samsung 840 EVO
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    Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Rage Wireless

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  1. So I wanted to make my own Chairmaster (patent not pending), because I'm cheap. Simple as that. I'm gonna use the Chairmaster (patent not pending) on the Poäng Ikea-chair. So I've drawn some simple Sketchup-design for myself: Got wood? After putting to together with my dad, this is the first result: So we've altered the inside a bit to be sturdier. The large board is 90x40cm. Why is that? I'm still thinking about painting the thing glossy white. Need to get an USB-extention cable tomorrow. I've already got the USB-hub and some parts to make the cables look nice.
  2. Try using Revo Uninstaller to properly uninstall Java first. There is also a Java Uninstaller Tools from Oracle themself: https://www.java.com/en/download/uninstalltool.jsp
  3. Does it show up in Device Manager? It's under Security Device or System if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Just copy your complete userprofile C:\users\<username>. I should zip it first before uploading and maybe delete some folders in the Appdata-folders that you don't need (old programs) and the Temp-folder and Windows Search.
  5. Get the manage bitlocker screen up. It should have TPM Administration on there. If it's not there open mmc.exe as admin (right-click, run as) even if you're admin. Add snap-in and look for TPM. Did it work before?
  6. You could always do a reset of Windows. That's an option in Win10 that restores it back to default Windows but with keeping your files.
  7. I've been using a smaller one (mouse only) for a couple of years now without problems. Didn't know about the problems these things can have. Thanks!
  8. Scoured the internet for this, but no luck so far. I've been looking into making my own Couchmaster. The Nerdytech Coachmaster Lapboard is around 100 euro. The SteelSeries QcK Edge is around 32 euro. I don't think it will take me to much effort to make something around that (USB-hub and some wood). Anybody here made something like this before?
  9. Thanks guys! Will be looking into a gfx-card! Maybe just look for a second hand 1080ti or something. The 4790k is still doing around 140euro here in the Netherlands, while the ryzen 5 3600 is around 200euro, so I don't I'll be upgrading in that area. Edit: second hand 1080ti's are still pricy. Gonna look into the RX 5700 (XT). Air-cooled first. Maybe reference.
  10. Hey Guys, Still rocking an Intel i5-4670k with a GTX 780 and 8gig of cheap DDR3 memory. Is it worth upgrading to a newer graphics card or is it really time to "scrap" the old gal and start from scratch? Want to play some newer AAA-games with some better fps/quality. Playing on a 1440p screen (Dell U2515H) and sometimes even on my 50" 4k Sony TV.
  11. The idea is to way for the new generation of videocards, so I got some time. i7 4790k could be a good solution, as I'm running an ASUS ROG Gene VII board, which cost a lot. My hardware is 5 years old in december, so I'm kinda doing the same as @ZeouLs.
  12. Hey Guys, It's been a while since I've been here. I've got a question for y'all (like the cool kids say): Currently running an Intel i5-4670k @ 4.4Ghz and an old GTX 780. Planning on waiting on the glorious reveals from Nvidia (OMG 5% performance for only 4% more money) and AMD (Almost getting to the GTX 1080ti perfomance for GTX 1080 money), but already thinking about a systemupgrade. I'm wondering if my current i5 is still capable, or will it be bottlenecking. I'm running games on a Dell U2515H, which runs at 1440p@60Hz. Will the i5 still be enough, or should I go for something newer?
  13. On top of that you should run Antibytes, so it can remove any leftover malware/files.
  14. So I've got a new mobo and it posts! Only problem is is that my X6 1055t doesn't cool down. When I boot the PC temps skyrockets to 70+ degrees celsius. I've tried it with an Corsair H80i and even had it without any cooling whatsoever. Does this mean the CPU is failing or am I doing something wrong here?
  15. My thoughts too. Gonna look for a second hand mobo.