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  1. Does Freesync worth it?

    Hey guys So I am in a financial situation that I can upgrade my aging GTX 770 with something stronger, but nothing too new and shiny, I am not willing to pay these inflated prices So I was looking at auctions and I am happy to see that the market has started recovering! Main requirements are: play Forza 7 well (1080p medium to high settings) and be a reasonable upgrade until the market completely settles, and support freesync, as I play CS GO a lot and I have a freesync 144hz monitor Range goes R9 290X<gtx 970<390x<Gtx 980 (Rx 480/580 if they pop up is the goal tho) Would a 290x be sufficient, as they are very cheap? Does freesync makes a difference in cs go?
  2. Android current state

    I have done that before, both on iOS and android, but in my experience they became unstable ( i added too many “features” to it) As far as I hear nothing has really changed then it is not. Terrible but a new OS version per year with slight improvements really keeps my phone feeling fresh.
  3. Hey guys So I am on the verge of buying a new phone for the next 2 years, and obviously it is not an easy task. I am split between s8+/note 8 or iphone x( i can get a very good deal) I had only androids up until 2 years ago (HTC One M8 ) and since I have used a iPhone 6S+. My question is, how often samsungs get os updates, and how substantial are they? Is Android more stable and seamless as it was 2 years ago? Are app implementations similar than iOS? as hardware of these high end phones are OP anyway, i am more worried about OS experience than anything.
  4. Hey guys, I have just got iOS 11, and surprisingly my battery got terrible. 10-20% battery disappeared in no time with no change of usage. A possible solution is to tutn off WiFi, as that seems to affect battery more than it used to, but if you have any experience let me know
  5. ohh well, at least I am not alone thing is, I have an i7 3770, so a new mobo+cpu will not benefit me that much, but it would be very expensive, but yeah, I am starting to save up for a new mobo+cpu+ram
  6. Hey guys So I felt like it is time to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB, so I bought 2 extra 4GB RAM Thing is, it took me a good 20 minutes to install, as as it turned out, 1 RAM has to go to a specific DIMM slot, otherwise it will not post... So like if I swap 2 modules (same channel) it will not post, but only if they are swapped back. Same with the new ones, it did not like 1 RAM in 1 slot but liked the other one in the other slot. Are RAMs designed to go either slot 1 or 2 in a channel? AFAIK this is not the case, but this weirds me out so much
  7. GTA 5 modding

    Take-Two was the body that took OpenIV down, and they are the business people behind Rockstar. Anyways, it is a game that I want, and I will not buy money in GTA online, so I only want single player with mods, occasional fun with online with mates
  8. GTA 5 modding

    Hey guys, As GTA 5 is on sale now, I am thinking about picking it up (played it a lot on Xbox 360 years ago, but I feel like I need this game in my library) There is only one thing, as title suggest: modding OpenIV has closed down AFAIK, and I have used that tool for very long time, and I do not know if that is any other tool to insert mods into the game (like cars, textures, driving mods ect.) Are there any tools that can access GTA packed files for modding?
  9. It looks like worse of both worlds... A: I have never heard of anyone complaining about the iPhone display (IRL) B: you literally have 2 screens to break (which is a big problem IRL) Also, why would you want to cellotape a phone... on the back of your phone? Honestly, I have no idea who is it for. My sister/brother would hate it, as someone who has both and makes app, it just does not appeal to me at all ( why not buy a separate phone just for the same money?)..... am I missing the target audience here?
  10. as far as I understand it is not absolute 0% waste, there is some heat generated, but much smaller compared to the random drift current
  11. Hey guys I have an i7 3770, with a ... motherboard ( it is a lower tier budget board, as it is really difficult to get z77s on ebay, or they are waaay to expensive) and 8GB RAM No OC anywhere. So, I started up my PC normally, as you do, and for a good 2-3 minutes it froze, and it happened after like 30 sec into the windows boot. Open up Task Manager+HW monitor, and apart from the fact that the CPU was at 100% at 108% boost frequency, the "Hard Faults /sec" chart just turned bright green, then everything froze Normal operation (eg when everything is running after the initial freeze) it is 0 or pretty much there. Question is, if it only happens with a startup, what could be the cause? The OS drive is an SSD, there is an old (=3 yrs old) HDD, another SSD for backup, and I do not trust the motherboard 100% with the rams, but it worked so far reliably
  12. project. red tide. (temp name)

    this is seriously cool!
  13. What is the best CS GO Case?

    thing is, the "best" always are the newest cases, as the items are a bit higher values. but one case is not a lot so chances are you will make your £2 into 7p quite high. Try Gamma 2 case, if you really want to open a case, but dont have your hopes high
  14. Thing about mass manufacturing is that whereas for hobby use you "must" buy one of the non leaded standard solder from the shelf then make it work for all your connection, until then in mass manufacturing you have the luxury to create your own solder paste/solder that is suited for the individual application (if you are as lucky as @Godlygamer23 than it can contain sweet sweet led) and the PCBs will go through a tightly controlled baking process, hence smaller amount or no flux required.
  15. if I were Valve I would just create random assets with the name of HL3, just to keep people occupied