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  1. HippY

    CSGO Low FPS

    I have a 144Hz monitor, but when the FPS goes below 150 FPS, the spray gets choppier. Look, I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is the only game where I need that high FPS. Before I have upgraded for 12GB, I had 8GB and a GTX 770. I got roughly the same FPS on the same settings.
  2. HippY

    CSGO Low FPS

    Hey guys, So I just upgraded my PC and I have noticed that my FPS is not shooting up for some weird reason. My current set up is i7 3770, 12GB RAM (4th memory slot is poo), GTX 1070 I am usually playing on 1080p, low setting, very high shader and no MSAA or FXAA and I get only around 200 FPS, with some dips below 150. While I was watching the major with high settings and a bit of MSAA, I had got around 80FPS. Temps are fine, nothing goes above 50C, GPU load is around %60, and CPU load is %70, nothing gets maxed out. Online I have seen an average of 300FPS at low settings. Any idea?
  3. Normally I would say you are right, no preorders. my first and last preorder was Titanfall 1 If they would ship me a box of shite with a picture of CD project red employees giving me the finger with an extended gameplay video on floppy disks for £200... I would say still worth it
  4. I will preorder the collectors edition game. I might not be able to pay rent but I do not care
  5. If that would be the case nVidia would have told us right away.
  6. holy cow. this thread is amazing. It started out in April 2017, expecting the new line of GPUs, and they just got announced a year and 4 months later. This has been long 2 years
  7. Not sure, as there is a major price difference between 1080 and 2080, why decrease the price, they are not competing? I expect a 10-15% price decrease from shops, but nothing that was unseen before
  8. he always compared Ray tracing performance with no RTX cards which made me worried. It reminds me quite a bit for PhysX
  9. Few things: In the UK, the Nvidia 2080/Ti cost the same for both the FE and board partner cards roughly speaking. there are a few cards that dip below FE prices by £50 but thats about it. For the price increase, I think it is a viable think to complain about prices. Yes, people are able to afford it and yes, it is an expensive hobby and you could get into much more expensive hobbies... Then again, prices ARE going much higher, and here we saw a tier or two jump in price, which was not here before. It made a few changes, like people calling 1070 a mid tier GPU, which was high tier before. Thing is, Nvidia has monopoly over the market, as AMD GPUs are still expensive and not near the Nvidia performance (in gaming, not crypto) which means, either you buy this, or nothing. Also i need more than 2-3 titles to enable RT to get a new GPU just for RT, unless it can be enforced to older games
  10. Hey guys, After I found a great deal on a 360 AIO, I jumped into it and there are a few weird things I need help/second opinion on My CPU (i7 3770 no OCd) I have a pair of cores (C0 and 3) that runs 8C cooler than the other two. Is that normal, or is my mounting a bit weird? when 100% aida64 load is applied, the same thing happens, I have 2 cores at 45 and 2 at 50. It is cool, I just find it weird. Also, I connected the AIO fans to the case fan headers. It made me think, should not they be connected to the CPU fan header, as they are practically the CPU cooler fans?
  11. It was £300, which is a decent value for a used GTX 1070 Amp Extreme ( quickest 1070 it seems). Yes, it was, as new ones are like £350 here, used ones can be had from £260 if you are lucky, but £280 ish are the normal prices in UK The original guy you qouted was a different person, sorry for confusion
  12. that was my plan as well, but something just shorted on my GPU, so I just got an amp extreme 1070 cheap as well
  13. Actually fair point, I will look into it Thing is, I could TLC my current cooler, but I want something new and fancy, so I am willingly taking a less reasonable route here Good point. Is the pump usually audible at idle? whenever in game I usually have music or headphones on, but when I watch like 2 1080p 60fps streams, my current fan can get a bit lout
  14. Hey guys, So finally I am about to do a bit of an upgrade on my PC, will change the case to a Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic, and getting a 1070. Currently I have an i7 3770, and it is plenty enough and there is no reason for me to upgrade it. The thing is, the current cooler (Xigmatec Dark Knight 2) is getting a bit too loud, and the addition of the WC oriented case makes me want to try to AIO experience. I am fairly certain that a 240/280 AIO would be plenty, but would a 360 AIO would be quieter than them? I am thinking about the OCUK bundles, so fans and components should be fairly similar
  15. if the next one will have an 120hz display, I will be interested.