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  1. both the lightning and the acc should fit, both good cards. I think the windforce edition is a little bit longer though.
  2. yeah the EVGA classified version literally has a higher core clock than the Asus card's highest boost clock. Also, evga's cooler is much quieter.
  3. The 780 Classified from EVGA is better than their super clocked version. I'd go with that one.
  4. They don't seem bad from what I've heard.... but for the same price you could get a Blackwidow Ultimate from Razer. You CAN'T go wrong with those. http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-blackwidow-ultimate
  5. Thats pretty fast. Thanks for the help. Last question, where do you live?
  6. So what was that, like 5 days or so??
  7. thats sick. you ordered yours off of their site? Thanks for the help
  8. http://www.phanteksusa.com/products/phanteks-enthoo-pro so this isn't true?
  9. Yeah... I saw that. I read up and that means that Its either on back-order or not out yet. Phantek's actual site says you can buy it now, but I'm not so sure.
  10. Does anyone on Linus here know when the Enthoo Pro is coming out? I'm really looking foreword to it. Thanks
  11. Sorry..... Rookie mistake hah.
  12. Yeah, the AX860 should be plenty for SLI-ing two 290x's. A little boost from the 760W to the 860W will make a difference later in the system's life. Also.... I would totally go with the H110 or the H100i. They are both fantastic coolers.
  13. It seems like a lot of you are telling me to stray from the PSU that I have..... I might do that. The EVGA one looks pretty nice imo.
  14. Agreeing with the guys above, I wouldn't go with the Kingpin. You'll save 150 or so going for EVGA's overclocked ACX 780 Ti.