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  1. They are a pair of belkin HD gigabit powerlines and 850 to 900 it fluctuates hah but it was just recently put in here in my part of florida so i'm still pretty new to it. I have a decent dual band router rated at 1300Mbps and it does much better than the stock isp router/modem but of course wifi is now the bottle neck lol even on 5Ghz it can't get close to the 850Mbps on wired(although can't notice a difference obviously). I'd say it's just a plus for when we have 20 devices downloading or streaming something and it stays solid. now the only problem is WIFI interference which i thought these powerline adapters would fix lol learned from my mistake though
  2. no i am not using an extension it's directly connected into the wall
  3. so to start off I have a house built in 2006 with pretty new wiring, second off I just recently got at&t gigapower internet. average fully wired connection is about 850Mbps down and same up. 5Ghz connection shows 150 up and down but now these new powerline adapters, the belkin hd gigabit powerline adapters to be exact, on the box says up to 1000 mbps which I know won't be possible but how come i'm only getting 25 MAX download and 11 upload?? I am literally no more than 15ft from the router(for testing purposes first) and i'm getting these results also i am not using any type of power strips. Please tell me i'm doing something wrong I read so many good things about these things or are mine just defective?
  4. Well thank you for the help. I'll see if I can get it all working
  5. Would I need two psu's? Or is that just for backup?
  6. would this psu(x2) work for that motherboard? http://tinyurl.com/zhzgqs2
  7. Shoot I might just buy a server psu or two of them I just need to know what ones exactly to buy
  8. ohh so the 20pin connector is just wired differently? which i could fix by re routing the certain cords?
  9. So please no rude comments but this is my first time messing with a server grade board and so I purchased the super micro X8DTT-F-SG007 Rev.2 and I also purchased 2 xeon e5540 processors and compatible Samsung ram from memory america. So when I first got it I hooked up everything like I would building a new gaming rig but it wouldn't boot. I soon realized my power supply's(I tried 4) would shut off right when I plugged them into the 20 pin power socket. again I don't know much about server boards but I would like to know what i'm doing wrong and if I have to buy a new power supply(type for a server) what is it called? and where can I purchase such psu at? Thank you
  10. Don't know much about server motherboards but all I know is it has a lga 1366 socket and that's what the cpu uses. The cpu is two xeon's E5540 SLBF6 and the motherboard is a dual socket supermicro mobo: X8DTT-F-SG007 Rev.2
  11. Don't really have too much stuff to back up.. I just did ALOT of plist editing so my hackintosh would look like a mac pro lol only if it had 10 more cores. That's the only stuff I don't wanna go through again
  12. Yeah i'll try to update first but i'll make sure I have a working El Capitan boot drive. Thanks guys