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  1. Yes, well just ordered a new one with high positive reviews through Amazon, will have to bear the reduced speeds for the time being thanks for your help.
  2. So weird, I just tried installing it using my CD and it worked again but still no 5 GHz functionality, maybe I should just buy a new one
  3. When I attempt to uninstall the mediatek driver it comes up with a prompt saying the adapter has to be inserted in order for the uninstall to be successful, however the adapter connects as an unknown device so perhaps the driver isn't uninstalling correctly?
  4. Is there someplace to locate them besides using an uninstaller or device manager? The PC is currently installing the W10 creators update and that's taking quite a while. Perhaps that was what was interfering with it.
  5. It works immediately when I plug it into my laptop from which I am posting this. I will attempt to do a fresh install again now.
  6. Greetings, I am attempting to setup a wireless connection on a recently built pc with my Asus N53 wireless adapter. Originally I used the setup utility CD and it functioned, however it was not picking up any 5 Ghz networks so I attempted to amend that using this short youtube guide: Unfortunately this did not work, the driver installed but my adapter was not recognized. I then downloaded the drivers from the Asus support page and attempted to install them manually, which failed, then with an installer as I did in the beginning, which also failed. The adapter works immediately when I plug it in to my laptop, no driver or utility install necessary (PnP), but it will no longer function at all with my PC. I would appreciate any help with this matter. Thank you.
  7. No problem, in hindsight I really shouldn't have bought a 4k laptop, it's pretty to look at but not worth the trouble. Hopefully I can afford a desktop sometime soon
  8. Well I've never attempted a set-up like this so its not as obvious to me. Just wondering if there were any programs or ways to set it up that would make it somewhat less awkward.
  9. I recently purchased a 1080p monitor to compliment my 4k laptop, primarily for editing efficiency among other things, however the extension is not working all that well. Whenever I want to move a window of any kind from one screen to the next it resizes it. The 1080p screen seems be blurry as well due to the extension. I have DisplayFusion installed, but that doesn't seem to be helping in any noticeable manner. Any advice on how to optimize this strange setup is welcome.
  10. Hello, I wish to know your opinions on which model of the Samsung Galaxy S Tab is better. I have enough money for either one, I just would like to know your experiences with the tablets. If you could also recommend what you believe to be the best cover that would also be greatly appreciated
  11. Wow I am such an idiot, how did i not think of that. That seems like it will work thanks
  12. I was just putting my build together and I cannot fit the Asus R9 280 into the NZXT H440 Red and Black edition. How did you remove the hard drive bays to have enough room to install it? Please help me this is my first build, and I cannot for the life of me understand how to fit the GPU in
  13. Hello Linus tech tips. I recently decided to build my own computer. The parts arrived today and I was eager to build it however around 10 minutes ago I encountered a big problem. The Asus R9 280 DIrect CU II GPU will not fit in the case I purchased the NZXT H440 without removing some of the hard rive bays. I have no idea however how to remove the hard drive bays necessary though and I feel that brute forcing the card in place result in damage to the card. Before I purchased the parts I of course checked their compatability on PC part picker and the NZXT website. These sites said I would have no issue installling the GPU. If any of you have an H440 or know how to remove the hard drive bays so I can fit the GPU in I would highly appreciate your answers.This is my first built by myself PC so I am quite inexperienced. Thanks! :lol:
  14. So I am looking for a decent budget monitor for the new rig I'm planning to build soon. The two I have been considering are the Asus VX238H http://www.amazon.com/VX238H-23-Inch-Screen-LED-lit-Monitor/dp/B00ANKMNXO , and the Asus VS248H http://www.amazon.com/Asus-VS248H-P-24-Inch-Full-HD-LED-lit/dp/B0058UUR6E/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1403805285&sr=1-1&keywords=VS248H . I am willing to look at other brands like BenQ, if you think they are better. I would really appreciate the advice. Thanks
  15. Alright thanks for the advice man. Still have some time to think things over before I purchase them ^^