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    Sports, gaming, computers, tech, video creation and editing, and cars. My favorite thing to do is jump on my motorcycle and ride to know where.
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    Was mostly a console gamer, only used my dell computer for video editing and web surfing. I was introduced 2 PC gaming by a friend not to long ago and that changed. I built first computer over the last two months with the help of this site and linus tech tips videos. I am so glad I built my own computer. I learned so much more about how computers work. Nevermind the amount of money I saved and it looks bad ass also.
  • Occupation
    Health care professional/ Buisness owner


  • CPU
    I7 4790k OC @ 4.6
  • Motherboard
    Sabertooth z97 mach 2
  • RAM
    Dominator Pro 16GB
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 780 3 GB
  • Case
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 250GB SSD x2
  • PSU
    Corsair RM 750
  • Display(s)
    Asus vg248qe
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    waiting for the new Corsair RGB
  • Mouse
    Razor Ouroboros
  • Operating System
    Win 8.1
  1. i have to send back for warranty
  2. I bought 2 1080ti for a project and just now got around to finishing it a year+ later. One of the cards does not output video. Its the Nvidia factory version. i have added a water block to it. in device manager, it shows both cards but the one that's not working says "windows has disabled this device because of an issue code 42". Other card works fine. I have also tried it in my test bench with the same result. tried reloading drivers with clean install. Any ideas or maybe a place that can diagnosis it? Asus Rampage V edition 10 6900k 48gb ram Corsair 1500 watt Psu
  3. When I use 3Dmark/Heaven to test my GPU, GPU Tweak says the card is running at a max of 575mhz. The base clock on the card is 941mhz and I had it OC @ 1155mhz. I removed the OC and its still maxing out at 575mhz. I just upgraded to windows 10 and upgraded my monitor to the Asus pg278q 2560x1440 Computer specs below, Thanks for all your help I7-4790k @ 4.6mhz Asus Sabertooth Z97 MB Dominator Platnum 16bg@ 1866 Asus GTX 780 GPU Samsung 840 250gb SSD X2 Windows 10
  4. Even though i tested it with a PSU tester?
  5. My computer wont power on. it shows no sign of power at all. I have tested the power supply with a PSU tester and the tester shows that the PSU is working properly. I also checked the cord for the power supply. I made sure all connectors were properly seated. the power button is connected properly. the computer was working fine the night before. I shut it down and when i went to turn it on the next day, nothing. I am hopping its not the motherboard. is there anyway its still the power supply even though the tester shows all the right voltage? MSI Z97 G45 motherboard I7 4770k 8gb ram 750w ultra PSU
  6. I don't remember how i found your channel but I'm glad I did. With your videos I was able to build my first gaming PC that looks great and performs even better. I started my own channel and I hope to have the same quality of content on my own channel one day. Here's to a second million. Thanks agian for your videos as they have helped me learn more then I thought was possible.
  7. what do you mean? i have the latest asus bios on the gpu.
  8. I just built my first rig. specs are I7-4790k, z97 sabertooth mach 1, dominator 16gb 1866 RAM, Asus gtx 780 GPU, H100i cooler, RM750w PSU. My question is right now i have my system OC using the EZ Tune on the motherboard. i'm getting 4.6GHz but i believe the voltage is variable. usually around 1.32 in AI suite 3. is it ok to use this or should i follow this guild? will you be doing a guild for the 4790k? I am a complete newbie to OC.
  9. the cache v= 1.17, imput= 1.84 core 1-4=1.31 @4.6MHz this is using the EZ tune on the sabertooth z97 board. prime 95 runs all day. before graphics=280022, physics=64824 score=161142. after GPU OC graphics= 277322, phy= 63503, score= 158629 in 3DMARK. are you asking for my scores in 3Dmark11?
  10. you are correct on both. i can change those but being new i just left everything on auto.
  11. i7-4790k @ 4.6 ASUS GTX 780 Dominator 16g 1866 oc at 19xx sabertooth z97 mack 1 SSD After OC'ing my cpu my scores in 3dmark when up a fare amount in all test. then i started to OC my GPU and with adding +100 to core and +200 to mem and power to 110 my scores dropped a lot. I went and returned my GPU to stock setting and scores went back up. anyone know why this is? GPU was stable and most people have it set much higher.
  12. room the comp is in was at 80f at time. summer in SFL. just turned on my secondary ac to bring room temp down to 74 and see what happends Like i said im using the auto OC settings where is a good place to learn how to OC manually?
  13. sabertooth z97, i7-4790k, h100i cooler. with not OC running prime95 im at 60-62c usin the built in ez tunning it brings it to 4.6ghz but runs at 85-87c well running prime95, is this to high?