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  1. I got a school work where i'm suppose to come up with something that could help the world to be more environmentally-friendly and Fuel cells came up in my mind. To do that i need o2 and h2. Extracting h2 AND o2 from water requires a positive and negative charge. Batteries popped up, but batteries are NOT environmentally friendly. Any other ideas of items that may have a negative and positive end? I'm on my last year in middle school (Sweden) so i don't know too much about this yet. Extra Info - If you are interested As you've read my plan is to make a car that is powered by fuel cells (h2+o2) + Anode,Electrolyte,Cathode (conductors) and electrolysis is an important part of this "method". Really it's either that my mind is not open or that i'm too stupid to think of other items that has a negative and positive charge which is also widely used in the society. NOTE: No you don't have to go into realistic problems that would occur if cars would work like this. This is middle-school >. >
  2. Yeah i like going Performance > Graphics. Always been like that since this is actually the first "high-end" card i've ever owned in my entire life haha. Had to stick with the habit of Perf > Graph >.<
  3. Just wondering how long my awesome companion can last until it dies out and wouldn't be able to handle casual games. At the moment i can max out Far Cry 4 and have some "slight" FPS drops at times but flawless at most. Already thinking about saving money for new PC parts and i just built this PC with the 780 SC ACX in July! - How worried i am >;( I also don't know how far i can overclock my 780 SC ACX. As it is already SuperClocked, should i try to push it further for more performance? It'd be really useful to take advantage of everything my GPU can offer. Hope someone here has a 780 SC ACX and is experienced with it. I feel so bad that the 970/980 came just a couple of months after i built this >.< I'm a regular newbie here in LinusTechTips just asking questions all the time as i don't know much about PC related stuff >
  4. Yeah there's like 2 weird cable that leads to a 6-pin
  5. Really short and simple - Molex cable (6-pin) - x2 6-pin = 8pin (dont know what its called) - x2 Manuals (700 series and EVGA manual) - CD I really don't remember what the box had.. i threw it away from all the hype i had building this lol. I'm replacing my 780 SC ACX for a ZOTAC GTX 970 4GB (https://www.komplett.se/zotac-geforce-gtx-970-4gb-physx-cuda/824853#!tab:info). Heard 970 has better OC potential and i can't wait EDIT: im such a noob <3
  6. Tbh 1080p is already damn HD for me, i guess 1440p is what i'll go for in the future
  7. Whats DSR/MFAA? Kinda curious as you pointed out that i will not see any significant gain..
  8. Register your qualifying 3 Year Warranty product purchased new from an authorized reseller within 14 days of your original purchase date. If you should happen to miss your 14 day registration window on your qualifying 3 Year Warranty product then you may also purchase an extended warranty within 90 days of your original purchase date to enable the Step-Up option. 90 Days passed, no step ups. > EDIT: Oh well i guess, GPU's doesn't last longer than a CPU so i guess i'll be replacing it eventually once games start using AA x32 lol
  9. Right, i need something, or someone to give me any sort of advantages the 780 SC have than the 970, i'm starting to get a bit pissed off as its cheaper (at my local store) and its better, they even removed the 780 SC w/ ACX lol. Since i'm a PC enthusiast i am really pissed off right now, i hadn't heard anything about the 900 series GPU.. Anyone else in the same postion? -Cant get RMA/Step-Up as 90 days already passed since i bought this. -Cant return to shop since theres a 45 days limit.
  10. Nadbuddy

    212 Hyper Evo Capabilities on 4790K?

    Right thanks, i guess i could change the fans RPM? I'll try later today, but does that mean capping it at 4.2ghz? Will probably also buy a good fan later on if i want to push my CPU to its maximum Good to know, atleast i know how how many degrees i should try to cap my CPU at 100% load EDIT: When i tried Prime95 (Blend Test) which i suppose tries every hardware piece on my PC, i got around 65-68c on 100% load The test i did when i got about 63c on the CPU is when i used AIDA64 and only CPU stress. I suppose stressing everything on the PC makes the CPU hotter >_<
  11. Hi! Just wondering what the 212 Hyper Evo CPU cooler is capable of.. I tried using auto-overclock with my mobo (Z97X-SLI) to 4.5GHz and the 100% load was at 80c-85c which is a bit high.. So at the moment im just staying with normal clock + the turbo, it goes to 63c max at 100% load. Not sure if this is what the 212 evo is capable of or if its a thermal issue >_<
  12. My English is horrible. But some of the ArctiClean that i used went under the CPU as i placed it ontop of the cpu, i kinda overflooded the top of the cpu slightly so it came off to the sides and under the cpu I took the CPU out and placed it on a paper towel, so the mobo is still okay.
  13. Hi! I just installed my new 212 Evo Cooler, and as most guides show.. they put the thermal paste on the CPU, which did before reading the manual as i thought i knew what to do, but the instruction said to put them on the coolers square (that faces the CPU). EDIT: I did both ways and later cleaned both with the ArctiClean again and decided to put it on the cooler square I tried cleaning my CPU from my old thermal paste with ArctiClean and i noticed how the water kinda went UNDER the CPU.. just a little bit though, and i was a bit worried whether it will die faster or that i wouldn't work. Then i tried placing thermal paste on the coolers square (? ) which kinda spread it almost all of the CPU, not too much on the borders though which i think is good. Anyways my point is, is it super dangerous if liquid comes in contact with the bottom of the CPU? EDIT: this below is about the 212 EVO COOLER Also, i had to take the rubber thing on the metal X that puts the heatsink and motherboard together as i had to push ALOT to put them together.. there was some sort of really small metal pole on the X platform which apparently couldnt fit between the X, im not sure if it was that pole or the rubber as after i took off the rubber i STILL had to put force.. comments? shit this thing is complicated, first cpu cooler ive installed. i hope the thermal paste was correctly put. these are my temps: Idle and this is when its on 100% (AIDA64)
  14. Wouldnt it put pressure into the case? My theory is that it wouldnt because the side panel is open.. so air just flows out.
  15. 1 Intake 1 Exhaust - Really shit case, im getting a new one in a couple of months Cooler Master CM Force 500 Midi Tower