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  1. Hello, Is there a way to make it so my Blue Yeti USB microphone does not pick up my Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (LOUD Clicks) and my Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard when I am talking? I don't have it on a stand right now and it is currently near the sources of audio. The keyboard is the smaller problem. I did a test where the mic was a few feet away (even above) from the audio sources, but they were still being picked up while talking. I mostly use Discord and I have adjusted the gain controls there as well. Will an XLR Mic, like the Rhode NT-1 help reduce the input noise when I am talking? I am using Adobe Audition trial as well and it helps remove audio pickup from an A/C unit and fan. I have the mic set to cardioid with the gain set to the lowest setting. I mainly use my mic and earbuds for gaming and chatting with friends. I am also considering getting a Rhode instead anyways due to there being a mic stand that truly supports it. I know there is a stand by Rhode that will most likely support the Yeti, but the weight of the mic still somewhat worries me. Thank you in advance!
  2. What are the main differences between the Redux and the normal fans? (Other than color schemes, aren't the redux ones a bit cheaper as well?) Would it better to go with the NF-A15 fans or the redux NF-A14s? Would it be better to use a single 200mm fan instead of two 140mm fans for front intake? How about 2x 120 mm fans for bottom intake versus 1x 140mm? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I think I'll go with Noctua redux fans, do they work well for intakes? Thanks!
  4. Which Corsair fans do you like to use for intake and which ones for exhaust? Are there any corsair multi-color LED fans, so that I can change the fans and the leds all at once? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  5. Hello, I am going to be buying a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe very soon, but I want to know what are some of the best fans I can get for my computer chassis. I will be liquid cooling my cpu with a "Intel BXRTS2011LC" liquid cooler. I want to fit as many fans as I can in this case. Are the Phantek fans pretty good? I will eventually upgrade my desktop to the X99 archetype when I get the funds to do so. Thanks, Tyler.
  6. PiousSlayer

    Questions about Mini ITX.

    How about Micro? I've never really considered going small before, to be honest. I was going to go complete over kill with a Full tower, like the BlackHawk Ultra case by Rosewill, but with Micro or Mini, I can use my computer pretty much anywhere (Provided I have a monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse and a wifi card.) Anyone here have a Micro ATX build? If so, what are your specs? Thanks!
  7. Hello fellow Linus fans, I am curious about building a Mini ITX system for my gaming needs, for a possible alternative than going towards a Full tower build. (I am weighing my options.) Questions: 1. How is cooling in a Mini ITX case? I looked at the BitFenix Prodigy Case and I am curious as to how well the fans cool in it. 2. Is there any possible way to have two GPUs? (Single, not like the R9 295x). 3. What are the main pros and cons of an Mini ITX Build in your opinion? Thank you, PiousSlayer.