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    I like big 'Clocks and I cannot lie.
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    Once there was a small spermcell, then everything changed when the orgasm attacked.
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    NPG Community Admin
  1. Santa_Dwarf

    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway

    The Slow Motion I must say.
  2. Santa_Dwarf

    GTX 970, i5 4670k really underperforming.

    Make sure your pc isn't running on Power Saver mode.
  3. Santa_Dwarf

    Vandaskuut Industries - Protoge (980 SLI, X99)

    I know right! I just noticed as I ordered! There's ram with the same colour as the board and cards for the same price! I'm such a derp
  4. Santa_Dwarf

    Vandaskuut Industries - Protoge (980 SLI, X99)

    Build log updated!
  5. Santa_Dwarf

    Vandaskuut Industries - Protoge (980 SLI, X99)

    PC is up and running - build log and pics will be coming
  6. Guys, tomorrow (18th of May) I will be building my PC once it gets delivered. Pictures and everything. The build will consist out of : Fractal Define R5 RM1000 Asrock X99 Extreme6 I7 5820K Nepton 240M G.Skill 16GB DDR4-2400 (Red) 2x MSI GTX 980's based off reference design (rear exhaust) Crucial M550 512GB SSD ASUS ROG Swift and a 27" LG IPS monitor. Some laptop HDD's I'm excited guys. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Yes, I know, the pictures are terrible quality. The Build Log : Who doesn't want to come home to a bed full of PC stuff? They ain't pretty, but they were available and cheap. (€1200) Hey there beautiful. Ram and CPU are in... let's have some fun with the Nepton. Just derpin' Looks pretty cool. -self high-five for bad pun- i changed the fans to exhaust btw 99 problems but wattage ain't one. Let's get some GPU going on in there. -Heavy Breathing- There she is. Hope you guys survived the image quality and the cable management. I've got some serious gaming to do. Toodaloo
  7. Santa_Dwarf

    $2000.00 gaming pc

    Especially not for gaming, correct, but if you can push it, it's something to consider since it's a good platform to upgrade over the next years (imho). Depends on they kind of money you think you'll want to invest in your baby (pc ).
  8. Santa_Dwarf

    $2000.00 gaming pc

    IMHO, cut back on the Titan and look for some DDR4 action. It's kinda the future. :c
  9. Santa_Dwarf

    Second Hand Appreciation

    everything that doesnt say "new" basicly
  10. Santa_Dwarf

    Second Hand Appreciation

    I recently introduced my friend to PC gaming, and he got hooked. I decided to build a PC for him using a combination of second hand bits and new bits. For 360 GBP I got a little beast. R9 280x from MSI 3570k 8gigs of corsair ram P8H67 rev 3.0 mobo New vs550 psu New CM K380 Artic Cooling Alpine 11 GT Its fairly new but so far we've tried DayZ and Battlefield 4 and the results were stunning. Such a good value for the performance. Details can be provided if desired. So what are your experiences with second hand tech stuff?
  11. Santa_Dwarf

    Need feedback on wooden case design

    I just don't see how these companies would benefit from it. You can't make up £1000+ in advertisement. By the gods though, I hope they do. This build looks neat as hell.
  12. Santa_Dwarf

    Need feedback on wooden case design

    Without the intention of sounding like your average internet troll and coming over like a douchebag, but what do you have that you think will tempt ASUS and Corsair to give you roughly a thousand pound of tech?
  13. Santa_Dwarf

    Finalising my DDR4 build

    Case and psu aren't available for me, the colour scheme I did take in to account, but I don't really care about it, and I realised I have another copy of Win8.1 from my university. HDD wise, I've tried all of them, except for Reds, so I thought, fuck it, why not.
  14. Santa_Dwarf

    My build. newbie need help!

    I was just questioning the suggested build of 2 290's on a 60hz 1080p monitor. Seems odd to me.
  15. Santa_Dwarf

    Need feedback on wooden case design

    Can I ask what you're planning on putting inside of this?