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  1. The relay I'm referring to is http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-DC-12V-200A-High-Current-2-4W-4-Pins-Car-Automotive-On-Off-Switch-Relay-J9F5/291959544337?
  2. Haha no worries. I can see that it is AC. I've read that DC have a higher short-circuit current, so would i still be able to use this?
  3. Also, would a 12v 200a relay work with my 48v 20a? The effect is higher than what I would use, but the voltage is quiet a bit higher.
  4. It is, but I can't use a relay for the main battery power. 12v switches for the relays and then use the relays for the other places, would that be possible? Also relays seems kinda pricey. Where do you find that switch? And is it AC or DC?
  5. Toggle switches for 48v DC? Most of those I can find tops at 100mA, and I've got 20A
  6. Hello, I recently made my bike into an electric bike, and I've stumpled upon a little issue I might need some help with The battery I've mounted is an 48V 20AH Cell Li-ion battery. The problem is that I don't have or seem to be able to find any 48v switch that can do the job, because of the current switch power. Obviously I don't want anything to drain the battery, so I primarily want to switch the battery off without having to open the bag and disconnect the wires. Also, I want to cut off the 48v supply not one, but 4 places. I made a crap drawing, but I hope it explains everything better. As you can tell by the drawing, there is 3 places i want to cut the supply, though I also want to be able to cut the power from the battery totally. What I've had in mind was a switch to cut the power to the battery, and maybe a relay or contactor for the 3 other places. I really hope that explained my problem. Thank you
  7. Haha, yea. I were lucky to get a seat at the end. And thanks! I might redo something of the top part at some point. The bending from the mid, to the top were a pain, and made a little mistake there, but I'll be fixing that when I can afford it. I am currently a student, so the economy and free time is a little behind though. I got most of my stuff cut at my dads work, and the backplates at coldzero, which is pretty much it, all the drawings i did by myself. I might do some pass through instead of running it through the cover in the future. Thank you very much! I don't feel like i am finished though, I keep thinking of more things to do
  8. Wow. So. Yea. I worked a little on it monday and tuesday. Thursday night I noticed I'd gotten a bad angle fitting from EKWB. The base to the fittings were broken, cause it leaked the hell out of the bottom. Friday I bought some bitspower fittings instead and got it running for the lan I were prepping for. Thank god. I haven't been able to take any real picture yet, but here is one. Better ones will be posted later
  9. Well, sorry .. it's been raining all day, and the glue I use for the collars is UV active. Sadly it haven't dried all up, so I will have to wait for tomorrow. Though, I've been looking forward to this
  10. The bending is now done and boy it was a challenge .. Making the tubing to the top part of the haf stacker ain't 'just' at thing! You'll see later when I posts some pictures What I need is to glue the collars and make place for a corsair commander for controlling the fans and pumps, then, hopefully, I'll be ready to fill the loop! Stay tuned!
  11. So I haven't had as much time as i wanted because of studies, so I have worked a little on it, bite by bite. But this week I'll have the whole project done! What I need to do is pretty much just the bending and fastening the cables I've managed. Here is some pictures from the progress .. enjoy
  12. Materials arrived this week. Cause of studies I've only had time in this weekend. Sleeving is done and I have started to frost the tubing. I'll be cutting the tubing and doing some minor details, such as traning the cables, cable management etc. I just love these fittings
  13. Got the lights working now, and the controller works like a charm! RGBW is my new fav! I am currently waiting on a delivery of some fittings and sleeving materials. Coldzero might have a design ready this next week. I'll be updating as soon I can get going with bottom loop and some sleeving. Meanwhile I try to dig up something about frosting tubings, and you might be able to expect some of it done soon, so stay tuned for a lot more!
  14. Oops! Looks like I will need some adapters for this one! I'll be getting some multi rotatable 90 degree fittings and it should be solved. And for the pumps I have installed 2 switches to turn them on/off. Theese will most probably be used for filling the loop and then never to be used again, but why not Pictures of the lightning and case will be up next, so stay tuned!
  15. Bottom loop done just need two adapters. Next step would be doing some of the final cable management. I need to redo the crimping and sleeving of the PCI-e cables, since the idea I had about it couldn't cause the Hardline tubing will be going that way, so I also need to order some terminals. You will see it as soon I can take some better pictures, but I planned to make them go up through the PSU cover with the hardline tubing, but doing that would ruin the ascetics. Pictures will be up with the next update or sooner, so stay tuned!