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  1. Craigk_c19

    Audio not working on floatplane

    It's showing the volume on. I've muted and unmuted it a few times every time I try watching a video to see if issue is still present.
  2. Switched from an Samsung s7 to pixel xl 2. First week on new phone could watch floatplane no issues. Now video plays fine but no audio. If I download the video audio works fine. It's just floatplane videos too. On both the forums and floatplane directly. If I go to Facebook or your though Chrome browser they work fine too. So far I have cleared cookies, Uninstalled chrome reinstall problem continues, checked audio settings In Chrome. Would like to get fixed before floatplane goes live I noticed I've resorted to waiting for videos to come out on YouTube lately. Please help
  3. First time i ever built a PC back in 2009 i found your channel and have checked almost daily for a new video on any of your channels. i even went to the field of Computer Science because of just how much i enjoyed technology! and anytime i dont fully understand something i seem to remember Linus doing a video over and and search it out and you explain it so simply and fast! Im Glad you made such an impressive mile stone! glade ive been able to watch along the way i dont really look at the Fourms much but i do watch just about every video ever posted! lol Thank you Linus and Crew yall are Awesome and Congradulations!!
  4. Craigk_c19


    This Phone is so sexy and i already have a nexus 5 but im so wanting this phone!! only reason i didnt get the M7 was because it was 7 months old i knew the m8 would be out soon so i got a nexus 5 to get me off my dang iphone now that the M8 is here i cant wait to get one!!!!! i would love to win this amazing contest by HTC being so awesome too!! I love the look the speakers and the speed!!