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  1. I did try different cables, to no avail. Both monitor and cables are working fine (I tested it with my ps4 just to be safe, same Hdmi cable, and even tried with my DP/Hdmi one as well). And yes, Gpu was removed b4 the onboard test :3 I just dont have another pc to test the gfx card, only test I cant do ;-;
  2. Yes, tried every input possible, to no avail
  3. Hey guys, hope you're having a nice day. Yesterday, a friend of mine needed to test his gfx card to make sure it was ok, after his PSU went bad; I agreed, since we have the same model (RX 580), and we proceeded to test it. Its fans spun, but had no display, so he went to get RMA. Unfortunately, after I put mine back, I got the same.results: fans were spinning, but no display. I tried: - Reseating it - Cleaning PCI - Reseating and switching RAM around - Resetting my BIOS But nothing worked; it's weird to me, bc it was working just fine before we tested his card. Also, I tried testing my MOBO display (Intel Graphics, D SUB slot), but it also didnt work. I guess it would be worth mentioning that my PSU has about 25w less than the recommended amount when it comes to the GPU, but it always worked fine (especially bc I dont throw heavy loads into it often). What else can I try to pinpoint the problem? Thanks :D