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  1. Nope. None of them running cinebench R20.
  2. Using Cinebench R20 for single core (AMD Balanced) and never reached the 4,2 - 4,3 Ghz. Sitting solid at 4.01 (in Ryzen master and task manager). Also tried in AMD Performance and the results are the same. Solid 4.01 Ghz
  3. I´m including both "idle" and stress readings from HWiNFO. So, basically it´s all normal if I got your answer right.
  4. Hello community, I would like to ask something about R5 3600. When I got chrome open (like 20 tabs open) and watching videos even when the PC idles it idles at 4.00 ish GHz (according to task manager, in ryzen masters 862 MhZ). The temperatures are most likely fine. 38°C with chrome open. (While typing this the temps are 50°C and CPU Clock Speed - Current 1800 Mhz - still got chrome open.) While I use CPU-Z and stress the CPU it won´t go over 4 GHz (even in Ryzen Master - 3 900 MHZ while stress test). It wouldn´t change if i go on AMD Ryzen Balanced and setting the minimum consumption of CPU to 5% - it remains the same. Also using default option in RM change nothing. I would like to ask if that´s normal behaviour or not. I´m not 100% sure, read a lot of topics on the internet etc. I´m not plannig to OC the CPU and I never done that by manual. I´m using: Gigabyte B450M DS3H rev. 1.0 MOBO, SilentiumPC Spartan 3 LT HE1012 Cooler (just this one). If you have any suggestions/tips/notes feel free to reply. Thank you for the answers Best regards Tomas