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  1. The processor has been plenty fast, I just hate to spend all that money replacing and not get any extra performance out of it. Any idea when the new AMD CPUs are coming out, I can wait if there is going to be something really good.
  2. I'd like to spend at most $600 but if that is too low then I might just have to wait a bit. The lower the better, but I still want it to be an upgrade.
  3. Hello, I am a computer science student and I am looking to upgrade my current rig. I have an Intel i7-5820K 32 gb of ddr4 and a gtx 970. My motherboard has given me all sorts of issues and I am looking to replace it, however I was planning on upgrading my CPU in the future so I dont want to buy one with a socket to fit my current cpu. I dual boot Windows 10 pro and ubuntu and spend most of my time programming, but also like to game on occasion and do some light game development. Because I am a student, I don't exactly have a massive budget to upgrade and was wondering what everyone might suggest as a good cpu/motherboard combo to replace my current. Also, most of my problems are currently due to graphics card sag and motherboard flexing so strong pci express ports and board construction are a must on the new board. What suggestions does everyone have? (I also plan on swapping out my graphics card for a 3080 when I can get the money)