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  1. Negative again unfortunately. Another friend of mine suggested to me to make sure my cables were properly connected into the motherboard (which I did just the other day), and also suggested that when I added that thermal paste onto the GPU, I should have wiped the old stuff off entirely (I was afraid of damaging something so i only swiped off a small amount lol) and used a good quality brand thermal paste. I have no idea what quality the thermal paste I used was, it was just something I picked up at Staples, so it probably wasn't the best. So I order some good thermal paste and will try that. Semper said she is pretty confident that is not the issue though, but worth a shot I suppose. So far since I checked the connections into my motherboard, it hasn't shut off on me yet. Although its very sporadic so I'm not ready to start celebrating just yet lol.
  2. Oops sorry for such a late reply. No unfortunately this is my first PC I ever made and don't have any spare parts I could try.
  3. I used the DDU to uninstall my drivers and reinstalled them afterwards and it just shut off on me again, so I guess that didn't work. Sorry I'm posting this twice, it doesn't look like my "@hairlessmonkeyboy" worked on my first message and i cant figure out how to delete that message lol.
  4. @HairlessMonkeyBoy I used the DDU to uninstall my drivers and reinstall and it just shut off on me again, so I guess that didn't work
  5. I have used something to keep track of my GPU temperature, it has never ever gone past 55 or 60 Celsius However, when the monitor actually goes black, I can't see what the temperature was at when it actually happened due to my monitor not showing anything. Every time it has happened, i have had 1 game open, its called Runescape, its a very simple and undemanding game. To give some clarification of how undemanding it is, it can also be played on android phones I'll give this DDU a shot. Semper suggested that to me last night to although she didn't really think it would actually fix the issue. Thanks!
  6. Semper is the friend I mentioned in my post who was helping me (she referred me to this forum) and yeah the PSU is the corsair 450W CX450 Gray (2017)
  7. I built this PC about 8 months ago. After no issues for the first couple of months, I started to have a problem where the monitor would go black and the GPU fans went into full blast mode. I had to do hold down the power button on the PC to turn it off and back on. It did this to me about 5 times in an hour. I looked it up, from what I could find it seemed to be an overheating issue. I took apart my GPU to check to make sure there was enough thermal paste on it. The thermal paste seemed a bit dry, so I very carefully wiped some of it off , and added some more. I had thought this fixed the issue as it started working fine for 3-4 weeks, and then it shut off on me again (just once this time however) I asked a tech smart friend, who seemed to think the problem was more of a hardware issue rather then an overheating issue. With her help we ran some tests in the windows power shell, and again, it seemed to have worked as it did not shut off on me again for almost a month, until last night when it shut off yet again. I am unsure if this is important to take note of, but all the other times this happened, the GPU fans stayed going full blast until I shut the PC off. However, last night when it did this, the GPU fans stopped going full blast by themselves after about 15 seconds, at which point they went back to a normal speed, and there was also a weird sound that came from my speakers that lasted for about 15 seconds as well before stopping. Sorry this post was kind of long, but I wanted to be as detailed as I could. It's very sporadic which makes it hard to see if what we did worked, and my computer smart friend seems to be out of ideas, although she said she is not overly convinced the issue is actually my GPU overheating, and my knowledge on computers is very limited. Any help and advice is very much appreciated, thanks! The tests we ran in the windows power shell were called: SFC /scannow (no errors found) Chkdsk (errors found, corrected) S.M.A.R.T. report (crystaldiskinfo) nothing of concern my computer components are: GPU - GeForce GTX 1660 6gb CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4ghz 6 core Motherboard - MSI B450 tomahawk max ATX AM4 Power supply - Corsair 450W