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  1. I just set my ram to auto speed to see if that'll stop my computer from turning off but I would like to run it at 3600 speed. I may just not be able to though.
  2. Alright will do. Right now I am just stressed because my computer is randomly turning off, and I took it to micro center for them to look at when I had the dead motherboard, but I don't know what to do now because its broken again.
  3. Yeah, they are in 2 and 4 just like the motherboard said!
  4. Hi guys, this is my first time posting. I built my first computer about a month ago, and it was working great, until I found out I had a dead motherboard, which caused my cpu to die, and one ram stick. I replaced everything, and was fine. My specs are Ryzen 7 3700x, asus x570 pro mobo, 16gb corsair rgb vengeance, 2070 super, 6 corsair ll120, Lian Li o11 dynamic. First of all, I think x570 can run 3600 speed ram (what my ram is) but whenever I change that in the bios, my computer won't boot. I have been running at 3200, but would like to run it at its rated speed. Lately (past week or so), my computer has been randomly turning off when it starts up, and sometimes when I am idle. I checked my temps, and they're all normal. Im happy to have built a pc, but what is going on! Help!!!!