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  1. Yeah man, the hard disk is gone thanks for helping...
  2. When i connected my friends Hard disk to my computer externally, it doesn't showing anywhere in my PC, which includes Windows Explorer, Disk management and diskpart too, but the hard disk is showing in Device manager as " Mass Storage Device" and in "Devices and Printers" area in Control Panel. The Reason why i connected Externally is to check whether the hard disk is working properly or not. Before that, the hard disk was connected via SATA in my friend's desktop PC, we try to install windows 10, but the pc stuck at boot showing " ASUS Logo" at start, any of the Keys are not working includes Del key, F8, F10, F2 none of it. But when i remove the hard disk from SATA connector (remove hard disk completely), the bios keys and other boot menus key, literally all the keys works, but when i connect the hard disk, none of them works. THAT'S WHY I CONNECTED IT TO MY PC EXTERNALLY to check whetherthe hard disk working or not, but turn out, hard disk isn't showing in my windows either. SO guys kindly Help me, figure it out...:-) Thanks in advance