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  1. Okay got you! For the time being I just want to be able to use the drive, so I would choose option 1. I did as you stated but the drive does not show up at all so I can allocate it.
  2. It could be I am opening the incorrect thing. I have already built my pc (about a year ago). Recently I purchased the SSD and added it to my system. I want my system to read the SSD and later I can figure out how to change boot drives without losing any information. It seems like I might have lead you to assume that I am building the system and installing windows now.
  3. Thank You! I have an ASUS ROG Strix Z390-H Motherboard. The only other drive I have is a 2tb hard drive. (just in case, don't know if this is useful, the SMBIOS Version is 3.1 & and the BIOS Mode is "UEFI")
  4. Hi! I need help adding a new NVME M.2 SSD drive onto my computer. I already installed the drive on the motherboard, but my PC cannot seem to find the drive. My intention is to use this SSD as a boot drive for my computer. I have looked for information on how to do this but always seem to get confused. I have tried to boot my PC and enter the BIOS, I have an ASUS ROG motherboard, which has a system to load new NVME drives, but it does not find any drives. When the PC is running the drive flashes a green light consistently. If there is anyone that can help me find and use this drive I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You!