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  1. I have been doing research on what is the best mid range graphics card 300$-430$ For my money and I’ve heard a lot about the 5700 xt being the best bang for your buck since it performs better than the 2060 super but I’ve also heard that it has had several driver issues I am fairly new to computers so I don’t want the hassle of that I just want a great mid range graphics card that will give me very good 1080p gaming performance with good temperatures on the gpu and without any hassles of driver or bios issues if someone can tell me what would be a good graphics card like that pls let me know thank you.(also if you mention a graphics card pls mention the actual brand msi, gigabyte, power color etc)
  2. Well I’ve wired it down to either the 5700 or the 2060 the 5700 is around 350$ rn but has 8gb of vram and the 2060 is around 310$ and has 6gb of vram should I Pay the extra 40$ for that extra vram or is it not worth it? Thank you for helping with these suggestions.
  3. I have a 60 hz 1080p monitor gonna upgrade most likely to a 75 hz 1080p but I was looking at a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and a 5700 xt not sure if this is a good upgrade for the parts that I have would I need to bios update my mobo? Would it bottleneck my pc? Are these cards at a good value? Lmk thanks.
  4. This is my current set up Windows PowerColor PCS+ R9 380 4 GB (AMD) mpg z390 intel core i5 9600k Corsair Vengeance LPX series 16GB 3.0 Ghz DDR4 ATNG Smart ATM-600FB 600W 80+ ATX Im looking to upgrade my graphics card mostly to game on stuff like gta, tf2, valorant, mainly fps shooters with capability of going from high-ultra.I think its time to upgrade it because i have had this gpu for a good 5 yrs and it heats up to like 60 degrees celsius just for gaming on tf2 and it gets extremely hot for stuff like battlefront and call of duty i just want something that will last me a while to be able to game on. My budget is around 200$-350$ not sure if it is possible for me to get 4k with a gpu that price I have almost no knowledge of gpus tbh so if anyone has any tips on what is the best value for my money pls lmk what i should do to educate myseld in the world of pc thanks
  5. well ever since I re-installed windows 10 ive been running into this weird glitch while watching videos in fullscreen and its always the same glitch so i decided to install my gpu driver but i still have the same issue. Ik there is a possibility that it is my gpu and i have to change it but this has coincidentally started ever since i re installed windows 10. I have also checked to see if it was my cable and it is not that. So i heard that installing some motherboard drives increases gpu capability and other benefits like better ethernet and cpu processing i really dont know what to do tbh thank you for responding tho. This is what the glitch looks like And i dont see the option of other devices so i cant really check to see if i have any unknown devices i assume i dont.
  6. Could you tell me what I have to check for in device manager? Im quite new to computers sorry.
  7. I recently re-installed windows 10 because my computer was getting kinda wonky and cluttered so I decided to start fresh but after installing a couple games and playing videos i had remembered about my mother board drivers and if i should re-install them i dont know how to check if i have the up to date drivers on my pc so if anyone knows pls lmk thanks you SPECS: Windows PowerColor PCS+ R9 380 4 GB (AMD) mpg z390 gaming plus intel core i5 9600k Corsair Vengeance LPX series 16GB 3.0 Ghz DDR4 ATNG Smart ATM-600FB 600W 80+ ATX
  8. Ok so i downloaded gpu z and this is what it shows. what should I do? Are you sure i should use ddu im not changing from one gpu brand to another atleast thats what ive heard its for im not sure. Thanks
  9. ok so i looked into ddu but is there any way i can even check what drivers i have? i go to my add or remove programs and it doesnt show amd radeon does that mean im missing those driver if thats even possible? if i am missing them how do i know which ones to install? Thank you.
  10. Is there anyway i can check the monitor im quite new to computers so any details would be much appreciated thx for replying.
  11. I recently re-installed windows 10 to my computer to start fresh because i was having problems with my computer freezing for a good 10-20 seconds when a lot of google tabs were open or when i was playing games such as gta v. so after re installing windows i honestly dont notice much of a difference sometimes im just on google listening to music and boom it freezes ive noticed that usually when it freezes my cpu and ram usage spike but mainly i posted this to know more information on this new glitch that i have while watching videos and this has only started happening after i re installed windows 10 usually when i full screen a video it occurs i have put an image of how it looks the glitch is always the same color and shape after a good 2 seconds it goes back to normal color if anyone can give me a reason as to why this has coincidentally happened after re installing windows 10 it would help out a lot thank you.
  12. Ok im going to attempt to do a clean install of windows 10 do you think that if i follow this video i should be fine? if this is not how you do a clean install of windows 10 if you can pls leave me a referal link to a video on a correct way to clean install windows 10. Again thanks for all the help
  13. I had a 970A SLI krait edtion motherboard and i use to have a amd fx im not really sure which so i have a photo of it if it does you anygood not really sure how to tell what it was i actually had a friend change the stuff in my pc so im not really sure is there any way i could check? for the longest time i thought that it was a software issue aswell is there anyway i can check how thats the problem? How do i clean install does that mean I have to reset the pc completely cause i have no problem doing that if it resolves the issue. ok so i actually bought this pc originally from cyberpower pc and it came with windows so i assume ive been using the same windows for the past 5 years even when i got my motherboard changed im not really sure if i got a different version of windows. If the windows software i have is the problem how would i be able to fix it? Is it possible for a bad quality psu to make my pc freeze and have high cpu and memory usage while gaming? Thank you for responding if you think there is something i should try pls lmk it will help me out a lot
  14. @Pickles - Lord of the Jar Windows AMD Radeon R9 380 series mpg z390 intel core i5 9600k Corsair Vengeance LPX series 16GB 3.0 Ghz DDR4 ATNG Smart ATM-600FB 600W 80+ ATX pardon me for not knowing so much but im not sure what a clean install of windows really is i dont know the history of the install as for updates my windows updates frequently i think but if there is something i should check with windows lmk I did use HD tune performance and i did a health scan as for the performance i think its ok i am not quite sure how to use memstx should i look into it more? my psu is a ATNG Smart ATM-600FB 600W 80+ ATX and ive had it ever since i got my pc so its been around a good 5 1/2 years or so sorry for replying so late thanks for responding
  15. My pc had gotten a complete motherboard change and so i changed the cpu to an intel core i5 9600k 3.70Ghz and upgraded to 16 gbs of ram since i used to have 8 gb and what ive noticed is since this change my pc randomly freezes for like a good 20 seconds out of nowhere also if i ever play games like cs go or team fortress 2 my cpu immediately shoots to the 90-100% usage and im trying to figure out why how is it possible for me to upgrade to a better cpu and memory and have issues that i used to not have it makes no sense. If anyone has any information or advice on what i should do that would be greatly appreciated since i am really new to computer hardware. The image below shows when i opened team fortress 2 it skyrockets to basically max capacity and once i closed it my cpu usage went back to the normal range.