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  1. I'm not asking if I can fix the lcd cable by cutting the other one, but if I do not need the other one, I can surely just cut it off... and no I can easily pull it out just like the ribbon cable from your keyboard...
  2. I can remove the lcd cable just fine, it's just that cable is attached to it, I dont know why it is, its connected up to the webcam so i would guess it's for that, but as I dont need the webcam, am I fine to just basically cut it off?
  3. Hi, so I'm trying to repair my laptop screen by replacing the LCD/LED cable, now I've bought a new cable. however theres this other cable (red arrow) that's attached to the one I'm trying to replace and I'm not sure how it connects to it or what its purpose is, if anyone is able to identify it and let me know how it works and its use I would be grateful
  4. I mean panel position, but if I shift with it on my lap it starts to fade then I have to find a sweet spot where it doesnt fade and hold still as a statue and thanks, I'll start with checking the cable connection and getting a new cable Thank you for the help
  5. It's a dsll inspiron 15 5577, but screen works in some positions so I'll go with getting s new cable and work from there, sadly it's a few years out of warranty Thank you for the help
  6. So my laptops screen has started to fade to white, but in certain positions it's fine and works normally. Guessing it's the cable? If anyone has encountered this problem before and can confirm, would appreciate also some pointers for what the cable is that does this is called would be great Also the colours on the right hand sight get distorted and form a green and purple mountain looking ridge at the beginning of the fade, not sure of relevance but yeah :) Thank you!