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  1. So I recently upgraded my cpu from a I5-6600k to a I5-10600k. It’s paired with my Rog strix 1080 . I did get a increase in performance but now my cpu is only at 30 some percent and GPU is at 90 some . I am only getting about 100 frames and so in games like modern warfare and rust and such. How can I get more frames and obviously my cpu is no longer a bottleneck. It used to run at 100% in modern warfare with the 6600k
  2. Yeah that’s the problem in dota and insurgency I’m getting above 144 but on modern warfare and rust it’s only about 100 FPS . So do you think I just need to lower settings or get a new GPU? Is that the problem?
  3. 1080P 144hz . Modern warfare, insurgency sandstorm , Rust, dota 2 all I’ve tested so far.
  4. So you think my CPU is still bottlenecking my 1080?
  5. Hey guys how’s it going? I recently upgraded to a 10600k . It seems pretty good I’m definitely getting at least 20 to 30 frames more endgame on average give or take the game . In dota 2 I went up 80-100 frames to lol. The main issue I see now is that when I’m playing games I run the MSI afterburner at least since I just got it to kind of see things in my CPU usage never really goes above 30-40% . So couldn’t I be getting more frames if it used more of my CPU?? I have 16 gigs of DDR4 ram at 3200 MHZ. 1080 rog strix 8gb. My GP was always at 90 some percent . Except for some games only at like 80% so it’s definitely using more of that . I just feel I’m wasting frames somewhere I thought I would ask the experts thanks in advance
  6. will they be less than 300 with similar performance to the 10600k?
  7. So I am upgrading from a I5-6600k to the I5-10600k reason I went for that is it is so much cheaper than the other 10th gens and it still is a great value since its so cheap and still so powerful. Big upgrade from my 600k to lol.I was looking for help with what mother board to get I need something that is cheaper so I can afford both the CPU and motherboard. Something cheaper but still reliable. I have 16gb of ram and a ROG Strix 1080. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello guys so my friend just recently got the new 3080 before he had the 2070 so as my friend he reached out to me and asked if I wanted the 2070 currently I have the rog Strix 1080 but he was saying we could trade and I give him the 1080 so I could have the 2070 because he just wants to build a spare PC just in case and he said he doesn’t really need a 2070 in it but I can Just give him the 1080 to put in it and I get the 2070. So I was wondering if it’s really worth it or if I should just stick with my 1080 it cost me nothing to trade so just wanted some smart people’s opinions.