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  1. I already remounted the Cpu and have a BeQuiet 700W PSU FYI.
  2. Funny... it‘s a 700W BeQuiet Psu, it also worked till a few days ago, thats why Im confused.
  3. Hey guys, im really struggling rn. I ran my computer for 6 months now and suddenly it now started having issues. Whenever I try to boot up the computer, all components that have leds are apparently working, fans are running on speed when pressing the power button. Now the problem is, that the computer isn‘t actually booting up anymore out of the sudden. The red led for the Cpu on my motherboard is on when turning on the computer. I‘ve tried a lot, but still haven‘t found a solution... I checked all the cables, checked the ram and also swapped all the ram spots and even tried the rams on different positions. I even reinstalled the gpu just in case. I removed my cpu cooler and checked the cpu itself and didn‘t notice anything suspicious... I even installed the boxed cooler and replaced my tower cooler because I thought it maybe could be the problem. So I basically tried a lot and still couldn‘t find the issue. The red gpu led on the mainboard is still on... Maybe you guys have an idea... just ask if you have any further questions. My components: Msi Mpg x570 Gaming Plus Ryzen 3900x Msi Gaming x Trio Rtx 2080S