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  1. I cant get it to reliably boot since this. It kinda looks like it’s booting but the screen remains black so i cant tell. I think I’m gonna get it serviced at this point. Whether its my gpu or psu, I think it’s on it’s last limb. Unless its the mobo. I had an issue with it before but got it RMA’d. my only hope is that it’s only one effect component or cable.
  2. So I have one more bit of info that might help narrow it down. I just finished playing in VR and turned my pc off fully, even the PSU and it turned on okay. after it booted though my second monitor that was working a moment ago had "input not supported" on the screen so for the sake of experimentation I took the the dvi cable out (replacing the monitor soon once the card comes) and edged it out and it instantly black screened (into reboot) my pc by the time I put it back in. I think this used to happen to my HDMI to Displayport too. So is this evidence of hotplugging being the issue? It seems to be triggered by any of the ports being plugged or unplugged.
  3. Also I see you edited this. atm i have 4 case fans and im gonna upgrade my psu in probably 2-3 weeks.
  4. It's for my school and career so it's worth it to me.
  5. i'm getting the 3090. It was the one I could order and will help with zBrush for me.
  6. If that was the issue then why does turning off my system, plugging in my headset and turning it on cause it to boot twice? Is it just because the gpu is messed up at this point? I'm replacing it on monday with a 30 series so would that fix it or do I need a new PSU too?
  7. Also I have an hdmi to display port adapter that I used to use to keep my monitors plugged in as well as my headset but it started having issues with all three plugged in and if any of the cables got bumped it could crash it so now I keep it down to one monitor and one hdmi be it monitor or headset. I'd experiment more but I hate crashing my PC so much.
  8. I've never had a problem before with changing monitors out. I've done it all the time and my friends to it too. I change my monitor out on consoles too on my tv in the living room and its not like thats ever rebooted my console. and no, I dont overclock my ram or anything. Just for benchmarks mostly. I have an EVGA 1080 ti sc black and a 750w Corsair PSU as well as 2 1080p monitors at 27 and 24 inch.
  9. If this helps here's the reliability from the crash. It doesnt say what crashed it. My guesses are a MOBO, GPU, or PSU problem. What do you all think?
  10. Hi, I've noticed that sometimes when I unplugged (and sometimes replug) my GPU's graphics card it crashes my PC. Sometimes it black screens and reboots by itself and sometimes it freezes then reboots. It used to happen every time with my oculus rift. I tried turning my PC off, then plugging my oculus in and then turning it on. But that actually just causes it to boot to black, fail, and reboot again.Now I've found that if I unplug my hdmi for my rift and then the USB then it crashes less often. What do you think could be causing this issue? Thank you!.